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PGCE Primary Bishop Grosseteste University College Lincoln 2010

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by rachael87, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    Is anybody starting Bishop Grosseteste Primary PGCE in September? Or is anyone applying for the course? [​IMG]
  2. Hi,
    Is anybody starting Bishop Grosseteste Primary PGCE in September? Or is anyone applying for the course? [​IMG]
  3. I've applied for the Flexi Primary PGCE at BG, although that starts in April, rather than September. Really hoping to get on the course as it will be perfect for me.
  4. I'm really happy as I got a place on the flexi- course, but am now starting to worry as the start date draws ever nearer...I know it's what I want to do, but the logistics are another thing entirely!
    I hope you find out soon,
  5. Me too! The logistics are of minor concern to me too. I know we're expected to do one day per week in Lincoln for the taught part of the course, but is it the same day each week, or will it vary? The school I currently work in have said I can stay on as a TA with a day-release type arrangement for it, but there's still a lot of things to consider - not least will I be able to work there and still fit in all the work to complete within 4 terms (which would be my aim)! Of course this is all irrelevant if I don't get on, but it pays to think ahead! I've had a positive response from my local GTP provider, so I'm more confident about my chances now anyway.
  6. bozbear

    bozbear New commenter


    I am at BG this year full time and was speaking to a flexi the other day who says it is virtually impossible to keep a job. Yo placements are full time, and your Placement visits are two days a week prior to placement. If you have any questions just ask and I will try to answer

  7. Thanks Lucy... the HT at the school I work in is happy to give me the necessary time off for the Flexi PGCE at BG, so it's handy to know when the placement visits are. Thanks. I'm quite lucky to have a supportive employer at this stage.... really takes the pressure off during training. Do you know if the one day per week in Lincoln for taught courses is always the same day of the week?
  8. bozbear

    bozbear New commenter

    I think that it is normally a friday or monday in uni because the Flexis normally join the full time for the lectures/ seminars etc. I know the first assignment is in well before the FT hand there in and then by xmas we are at the same stage. Are yu doing 3-7 or 7-11?

    Like i think I said before, I applied for Flexi but decided to go Full Time and I think that was the best decision forme personally as the lectures have been good.
  9. I've gone for 3-7. Really hoping to get on as it is ideal for me with having 2 kids, and it means I can keep working and not have to travel miles every single day to a uni except for the placements, which I don't mind one bit. They've had my application 3 weeks and still not heard, so not overly confident at the moment. Although I've got over 18mths experience working in KS1 and FS, some training providers have told me that it's not enough to overcome the fact that I have a 2:2 degree rather than a 2:1. I also think it may be a problem that my experience is almost all in the same school (that's the trouble when it's a job lol) so am speaking to my HT about a few afternoons in other schools to broaden my horizons.
  10. Hello, I was just browsing through and saw your post. Did you get a place on the flexi-course. I start in April and your situation sounds similar to mine. I have 2 kids too (5 &7) and also work part time so am starting to worry now about juggling everything now! I am going to specialize in 3-7 too. Hope you got a place anyway and maybe meet you in about 3 weeks time!
  11. Hello - I am starting on the flexi course in April too ( omg it is April now!). Am sure we will be fine!! [​IMG]
  12. Hi, yes I got my place, and since the assessed placements aren't until spring and summer terms next year, I'll be carrying on doing my current job part time til then (I'm a KS1 TA). We register on the 30th, start lectures the following week and start school placement at the beginning of June, so it sounds like we're easing into it. Which day did you have your interview? Mine was on the monday.
  13. Hello, my interview was a Wednesday. It was ok really - the tutors seemed really positive and supportive so am looking forward to it (am a little aprehensive too). It does sound like they are easing us into it doesn't it. We will have plenty of time to do the initial assignment. I work 14 hours and am going to try and keep working for now. My name is Sue and I look forward to meeting you and everyone else on the course in a couple of weeks.
  14. My interview was on the Tuesday. Course start is getting close now and I can't wait... really loking forward to getting started! Look forward to meeting you Sue.
  15. Has anyone looked at the books on the recommended reading list for the course? Luckily I'd already owned two of the four books on there, but am slightly puzzled by one. It lists Jacques. K., Hyland, R. (2007) (3rd Edition) Achieving QTS: Professional Studies: Primary Phase; but when I've looked on Amazon (and the Learning Matters website) I can only find 2000 and 2003 editions with this title, and a 2007 edition entitled Achieving QTS: Professional Studies: Primary and Early Years, which is listed as a third edition. I'm assuming the latter is the correct book, but just wanted to check I hadn't missed something.
  16. Hi everyone, I just wanted to say that I did primary 3-7 at BG after completing my degree there and loved it!
    They can sometimes be a little disorganised but still i made some great friends and they are really supportive.
    I just wanted to wish you all the best
    lucie x
  17. Thanks Lucie... good to know that previous students enjoyed the course. Flexi Route induction was today and I really enjoyed it. Met some fab people and now have lots to read through and look at... can't wait for next Friday now!
  18. Hi - I was wondering if anyone could give me a few details about the Flexi 3-7 year course. I live in Nottingham and this course seems ideal for me as I too have children. Would anyone mind telling me where the placements tend to be. Can you choose where to be sent and how many days per week/weeks per term are the placements. I want to make the best decision I can. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi, I'm starting the Flexi 7-11 PGCE at Bishop Grossteste in April. Placement is 2 days per week from June to Christmas and then 5 & 6 week teaching blocks after that. I've just received the form for my placement and although you can't specify a school I've been told that they will take into account where you live when deciding on your school.You have to complete 10 days experience in a school before you can apply so bear that in mind [​IMG] I have 3 children (youngest 6) and live in Mansfield. Hope that helps
  20. Glad the info I sent was useful Emilystar... the logistics of the course can seem a little complex because they are mostly dependent on the number of terms you intend to complete the course in (4 and 5 terms being the most common). Your 5 and 6 week assessed placements usually begin either one or two weeks before half term in the penultimate and final terms of your course. Almost all of the written assignments (other than the final classroom based one) are done in the first two terms and finished by January. I'm due to finish the Flexi 3-7 PGCE on 7th July this year.
    I have a 6yr old and a 2yr old and my placements have all been very close to home (one school ten mins walk away and one 10min drive away) as they do take into account your family life when deciding where to place you. The only members of my cohort to have been sent more than 20-30 mins from home are those with no children/dependants.

    Good luck to anyone applying or starting soon.

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