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PGCE Primary at Plymouth?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by klchaplin, Oct 19, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    Just wondering if there is anyone else out there applying for the PGCE Primary course at the University Of Plymouth? I am still waiting for my reference to be done at the moment so the waiting has only just begun!
  2. Plymouth is my second choice. I put Marjon first and have my interview next month. Why did you choose Plymouth over Marjon? - I'm not sure why I put Marjon first but it looked good on the open day and Plymouth didn't have one before I put application in. Does anyone have any insights into comparisons between the two?
  3. Hi Kittyorca, I put Plymouth first as I did my degree there and had a brilliant time doing it there. Also, as I don't drive it is much easier to get to than Marjon. Marjon will be my second choice. The thing that annoyed me about Marjon last year, when I put them as first choice, was they got my application in October last year but didn't interview me until January and by the time I knew I was unsuccessful Plymouth was full. The year before I applied to Plymouth first and they interviewed me in November, which left me time to be interviewed by Marjon in January. In my opinion they are both excellent and it is very hard to choose between them anyway.
  4. Hi there, I have applied to Plymouth Uni for the PGCE Primary, too. Have you heard anything yet? I have an interview towards the end of this month ..... really excited but VERY nervous!!!!

  5. Hi, I had my interview on December 14th but still have not heard anything. I do know that rejection letters went out on December 18th so hopefully that's a good thing. We were told we would have to wait until around the end of January until places were confirmed because of the government funding issue. They also said there was so much uncertainty this year that applications were down by 100 at the same point last year.

    Mapearce- that happened to me last year and if it is still full 'course full' will come up on your gttr so there is nothing to be lost as you can just add another choice.
  6. Hi klchaplin, my interview is at Plymouth uni (first choice) at the end of this month. As a first-timer to the application process, I have a question that I hope you can answer. Does the fact that my interview is so much later than yours, mean that it is unlikely they'll have any places left...(I understand that this is all subject to funding, of course) or do they not carry on with interviews if they know for sure that there would be no spaces available??
    With regards to the interview itself, any hints or tips would be gratefully received....how stressful was the whole thing on the day...?? I hope you hear about your place soon....
  7. Hi Lise,

    Don't worry. The fact that the course is showing as having no vacancies on GTTR simply means that they expect to fill their expected allocation of places from those already offered an interview so do not feel the need to consider further applications at this stage.

    With regards to the interview itself, I think the uni do their best to make sure it is not that stressful. Is yours morning or afternoon? I ask as mine was in the afternoon and after my documents were checked and I had filled in an ICT questionaire they encouraged us to have lunch together as a group and gave us a voucher for a free tea or coffee. This was good for getting us all to relax. We then went back and had our group discussion on the academic essay. I think the main things to remember are that you can never tell how the discussion will go so don't stress and pre-plan loads of stuff , try and be reflective in what you say and make sure you get your say as it is quick moving. The Maths and writing tests are really quite easy so no need to worry about those. The English test is just writing related to the group discussion. Then there was the interview, which was done in pairs for us. Hope this happens for you too as you get more thinking time and can bounce ideas off each other! Just take your time and relate your classroom experience to your answers.

    Let me know how you get on and if you need to know anything else don't hesitate to ask!

    Best of luck

  8. Hi Lise,
    I was just browsing through this forum looking for any hints/tips for the interview and I think mine is at the same time as yours! I only got my letter through on friday which gives me a week and a half to prepare!! What do you think of the task they have set us?!
  9. Hi Flowerpower! I think that the essay definitely needs to be read, re-read and then read again ?!? - but it's not too bad once you get your head around the main points - what do you think? Is this your first time of applying, too? What date is your interview? - if it's the 27th then I'll see you there...Good luck! Lise
  10. Hi Lise,

    Yes that's the same date as mine, are you in the morning? Yes the essay is starting to make more sense just trying to get some ideas from it to bring up in the discussion really! I think it's really hard to know what they want us to say or whether they are looking more at how we are in the group.....eeeeek scary stuff! Yes it's my first time applying, I know a few people who have applied before though so been asking them what's it's like, apparently we get interviewed in pairs that's about all I know!

    Zoe x
  11. I got an e-mail from Plymouth Uni on Friday saying that it is their intention to offer me a place but I will have to wait until government funding is announced before they can formally offer me a place through GTTR. They expect to hear more in February.
  12. Brilliant news, Kelly - well done! It's a ridiculous situation for the Unis to be in, not knowing the funding situation, when we're talking about the courses starting in September....... at least you've had some positive news, though, eh??
    I've got major butterflies now that it's only a day until my interview ......

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