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PGCE Primary at Middlesex University starting September 2012

Discussion in 'Primary' started by claaar, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Hi, I did an interview In February and have accepted a conditional offer for the PGCE Primary in Middlesex University. I just have to send on the results of my final exams in the course I am currently doing. When was your interview?
  2. Hi Claaar,
    Thats great news, I havent found many people who are also doing the PGCE course. So I was pleased when I saw your reply [​IMG]
    What did you think of the interview day? My interview was on the 1st March.
    Ive had my welcome documents through the post so hoping to get those sent off soon. When does your course finish? Good luck with your exams.
  3. I thought the same about my interview day. There was approx 20 of us on the day and i only know of one other girl who i met on the day who also got on the course. I didnt think id get a place either, ive been trying to gain a place for a couple of years now so i was very excited and couldnt believe it when i was offered a place [​IMG] I was thinking of setting up a facebook group so we can all get to know each other before September as there isnt one set up yet. Do you live local to the uni? Im in bedfordshire so im trying to find places to stay which is becoming a very time consuming task!
    Hope you get what you need for the course as it would be great to meet you in Sep x
  4. Hi I have an interview this Tuesday, 18th December. How quickly did you hear back from middlesex with an offer? Thanks

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