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PGCE Primary at Edge Hill

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by al1988, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. al1988

    al1988 New commenter

    hi, ive been invited for an interview too. Im thinking the same in terms of reading about the current issues on here. good luck xx
  2. Thanks for the great advice!
  3. I had my interview there last year - but it was only for a reserve place as they had filled up already!

    Anyway - on the day there is quite a few things to do
    The tests can be a bit tricky - they aren't looking for a 100% but they are looking for a minumum pass mark (don't tell you what it is)
    The best place to revise I would suggest is the KS3 tests on GCSE bitesize. This should give you a good understanding.
    The ICT ones are easy if you were born in the digital age - questions on what the undo button looks like, what an .mp3 file is, what a browser is etc...
    Maths might ask a basic algebra question, what a scalene triangle is etc...
    Science might ask what clorophyll (spelt wrong no doubt) is, why magnets repel etc etc
    English is about language and use of commas and things like that.
    Then the question we had was about a creative national curriculum and how it would affect teachers. I don't think they want too much about policies and government ideologies (I had read tons of it, including the whole white paper!) - they might just ask something like, "Will more academies make it easier for a teacher to plan" etc..
    Finally for the planning of a lesson and the interview, I would recommend getting a look at plenty of teachers' current plans. They want to see you have a good understanding of how to plan a lesson, behaviour management techniques, opinions on good lessons and why they were good (and bad ones etc...) I lacked on this as I didn't expect us to have to have that much knowledge of the actual day to day teaching, but on reflection I guess there are that many applicants and the ones that get the places generally have plenty of relatable experience.
    Good luck with it - I ended up getting rejected and now am doing secondary maths at Man Met instead.
  4. Don't panic about the tests, i did really badly on mine and still got on, just make sure you show a real enthusiasm for teaching, and know your way around a lesson plan. You are on the early rounds of the interview if its before xmas and you stand a good chance. Also loads of experience doesn't matter, its what you have learned from the experience that they are looking for. Im on the course this year and I really can't fault it, they are so supportive and all the tutors are brilliant! Good luck!

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