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PGCE Primary Applicants: St.Marys Twickenham Interview 2011.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by staceface21, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. WOW!! What a great help that was! Thank you so much, I really really appreciate it! I'm flying to London tomorrow and just getting everything sorted now so a run through like that was great to get me focused and thinking straight...You really deserve to get in, sounds like you know your stuff. Make sure to tell when you do hear from them.

    I'll be back on this by the end of the week to give my own feedback for others!

  2. You're welcome.

    Good luck for tomorrow! Hope it goes well!!

    .. still waiting to hear! Let me know if they say to your group that they STILL don't have their funding! argh... silly.
  3. Aaaaah this wait is killing me!
    And I really want to get in now because I loved the campus and the atmosphere and the staff and EVERYTHING! they did imply that while they are waiting for allocations etc that to a certain extent it was 'no news is good news' because they were going to let the people who were unsuccessful know first so they could look elsewhere so.....oh i dont know! im trying to convince myself here I think!
    and also..will they let us know via GTTR or in a letter or email first?? THE SUSPENSE!!!!!!!
  4. Hi,
    How did it go for you staceface?
  5. Hey Ivyem, eh not great to be honest. I let nerves get the better of me, which is a pity, really liked the college and everyone was so nice, met some lovely people!!
    Im expecting an 'unsuccessful' anytime now!!! [​IMG]
    Have you heard anything yet???
  6. Just realised u already said you havnt heard anything..
    dont worry, thats good!!!
    They said yesterday the people that got it should know within the next week!!!
  7. I hope we hear then!!!
    I wouldnt worry too much about how the day went because I know two people there this year who both thought they messed up their presentations/interviews up big time and both ended up getting in. I think the tendency is to be hard on yourself afterwards but you really cant judge..
    the main thing im worried about now is that theyre taking so long to get back so my second choice may be filled up if I dont get accepted!
    Also, so annoying about the bursary situation..makes matters a lot more difficult financially!
  8. Whats the bursary situation??? U have me worried!!! [​IMG]
    yeah i know, my second choice is full....so its gonna be **** if i dont get in. They really should let us know something..
    I thought people would have definetly heard by the end of this week..
    I have no idea what to do if i dont get it...guess il have to look for somewhere with places, which will prob be impossible this late!!!
  9. I dont know if you heard but the bursary is completely gonzo! Absolutely devastating to be just going into teaching one year too late!

    Have you heard anything? On the other st mary's thread a few people seem to have been offered places. It looks like theyre going through applicants starting from the first interview and finishing with the last so we both prob wont hear till wednesday (apparently thats the latest it will be?!)

    fingers crossed!
  10. Are you sure?

    I've trawled the web and can't seem to find confirmation of this anywhere....?

    i'm probably looking in all the wrong places!
  11. wow, my bad....my 'trawling' was a bit of an exaggeration! I think maybe I was in denial and just not wanting to believe it!
  12. Ivyem...have u heard anything??
    my status changed to conditional...i have no idea what this actually means and cant get through to college..help???
    cant believe the bursary is gone, its ridiculous. [​IMG]
  13. Yeah I got that too, it means youre in! I was looking at the website yesterday and as Im from Ireland too I'm so worried about the costs..we dont qualify for any grants or anything but we can get a tuition loan (so the government will pay for the cost of the course and we start paying them back next year when hopefully we'll be employed in a school somewhere!) I reckon im going to get onto my local county council and see if they will provide any sort of grant and then maybe look into getting a credit union loan and working my **** off all summer to save as much as possible after my finals! i know a loan isnt ideal but the way i look on it this is a means to an end and its only 9 months and after than i'll be in the job I want and earning a decent wage to pay all my debts!

    dont let the money aspect hold you back because 2012 is the year when costs are going to go through the roof..i know its **** we are in teh year that lost the bursary but it could be worse! just sit down..work out your options and be prepared to budget, thats my plan! xx
  14. Ivyem, thanks so much...its nice to hear of others in the same boat, think id be foolish to let this opportunity go, the way things are in Ireland its gonna be really tough even to get into hibernia.
    are u excited??? u gonna try for campus accomodation??
  15. Nice to hear from others in the same boat, think id be foolish to let this opportunity pass the way things are in Ireland now its tough even to get into hibernia...what u reckon?
    U excited??[​IMG] u gonna try for campus accomodation???

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