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PGCE Primary Applicants: St.Marys Twickenham Interview 2011.

Discussion in 'Primary' started by staceface21, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Hey, is there anyone out there thats had an interview for primary pgce in St.Marys this year??
    Im sooo nervous. I have mine on the 9th of feb., and i really dont know what to expect.
    help would be appreciated!!
    any tips for the interview, what questions were like??
    Oh and what did you heve for the written and numeracy task??
    Best of luck to everyone with interviews!!! [​IMG]
  2. Hey, is there anyone out there thats had an interview for primary pgce in St.Marys this year??
    Im sooo nervous. I have mine on the 9th of feb., and i really dont know what to expect.
    help would be appreciated!!
    any tips for the interview, what questions were like??
    Oh and what did you heve for the written and numeracy task??
    Best of luck to everyone with interviews!!! [​IMG]
  3. cally1980

    cally1980 Established commenter

    Sorry, not me but I wanted to wish you luck!
  4. Hey, I've an interview for the priamry at the start of febraury also. Not quite sure what to expect in the written and numeracy task as there's very little info on either here or the student room. I rang the college looking for more info but they wouldn't provide any. Have you a presentation prepared?
  5. Hi everyone,
    I had an interview for primary on Wednesday! I found out last night that I did not get it! However I have decided to pass on my wisdom to you!
    When you arrive at ten, they check all your documentation. Then we had our written and maths test. The maths test was on significant numbers, roman numerals and shapes. They give you a sheet to help you with the maths but I would look over the above stuff as then you won't waste as much time trying to figure it out.
    For the written test, we had to write about an article that we had read on a current educational essay, discuss it and relate to your experience in the classroom. Now for the maths and written test, you are given 30 minutes, as in 15 minutes for each not 30 each. However you could spend longer on one if you wished.
    Then in the afternoon we did interview and presentation. This is where I went wrong, I got really nervous, talked too fast and panicked! My advice is to RELAX if at all possible. The interviewers were lovely. My questions were:
    1. Tell us about your classroom experience.
    2. What qualities do you have that will enable you to be an effective teacher?
    3. Question about working with sen children
    4. What do you think about the teaching of science?
    Now questions 2 and 3 were directly related to my personal statement, so you may not neccessarily get them. So make sure you know your personal statement inside out, if you have told any little white lies, it is vital that you can answers questions about them, as this is where they will catch you out!
    The presentation was in a group of eight. Make sure you answer all the questions on the sheet thatr you got in the post. Make out little cue cards for yourself and just put bullet points on it, do not write whole sentences as then you will just read it out and that's not good! The cue cards will keep you on track and ensure that you hit on the all the points!
    So my main advice for preparing for the interview is to really think about your time in the classroom and make sure that you can easily recall it. I can't think of anything else, but if you have any questions you can pm me! Best of luck!
  6. Hi, thanks so much for your reply, its really helpful!!!
    Im really nervous about the interview, my presentation is on a phonics book for reading and spelling thats really fun so i thought it would be good to talk about.. what do u think??
    what kind of presentations did people have?? i have no experience with presentations, and mine is going to be pretty basic!!
    U heard back really quick, Sorry to hear you didnt get a place, whats your plans now??? its hard, competition is tough.
    For the essay topic could u write about any educational issue??? what did u write about if u dont mind me asking?? And how did u relate this with experience in the classroom??
    Im really dreading this, thanks in advance for your help!!! [​IMG]
  7. I havnt got a presentation prepared yet at all, really dreading it. have u got yours done?? im thinking of doing it on a phonics book for reading and spellin that i think is really good, but my presentation will be basic, it will just be me talking about the book, i dont know what else do do... Why is it so hard to find some info about this on forums. read the reply i got below from somebody who had their interview last week, its really good advice!!!
  8. I'm happy to help!
    I'm glad that I heard early because as soon as I found out I applied to LSBU. As they don't know how many places they have, I think they pick who they want, then there are reserve places pending places, if that makes any sense! So I'd rather be ruled out straight away than sitting on a reserve place, wasting time! Well it was the nerves that got the better of me, I just rambled on! As soon as I was finished and sitting outside, I thought of all the things I should have said! So I know it is nearly impossible but to try to relax!
    All the presentations were different, one girl used three small rocks; she talked about the numerous ways that she could use these rocks, as like a centre and she could branch off into many different subjects with them. Another used a number ladder and a fluffy frog, one girl used a football and talked of the many different things it could be, one boy used a number game, where he put numbers on the board and the children used fly swats to hit the number that was the answer to the question. My main advice here is to be really enthusiastic about your item, smile, make eye contact with your group, practice it loads! Know all your key points, try not to read from a sheet, but cue cards are vital to ensure that you hit on all your buzzwords! Oh and make sure you stay within five minutes, so when practising, time yourself and bring a stopwatch on the day.
    You had to write on an article you have read on any current educational issue, this may also be where I went wrong! I'm only realising the current now! I wrote about the Rose Review which is so not current oopsie! I chose it because it was about phonics, and I talked about helping children read through phonics. So for practice just pick a current issue and write about it. Now bear in mind that you may not get this question. I'm guessing that there was about 20 lines on the page you are given to write on, you can go over if you like.
    I'm sorry if this is all over the place, hope it helps! Do not hesitate to ask if you have more questions!
    Oh and all the fellow interviewees were lovely, so don't worry about presenting to strangers, if your group is anything like mine, you'll all be wishing each other luck and trying to calm each other!

  9. Thanks a mill.
    Do you think it would be ok to use the phonics book for my presentation??? I know its not very creative but i think its a really good resource for children and fun as it comes with something called a starter stile which makes it into a game.
    really appreciate your help, so difficult to find info about this college on forums. Thanks for sharing, and hope u get a place in a college elsewhere, im sure you will. [​IMG]
  10. Hi! I also had an interview on Wednesday. In fact I was the girl with the rocks as so described! LOL

    A phonics book will be fine! Like the above poster said, everyone's presentations were really different. There was nothing that I could have predicted on there. Anyway, it really doesn't matter about the object, it's really the style... one lad had a really interesting presentation that was obviously well researched and thought out (about a dessicated plant that came to life with water) but it was delivered in a bit of a monotone and too heavily reliant on notes so for me it didn't come across great.

    Everyone was nervous and you could tell, but the boy with the fly swatter game was excellent and interactive. That was probably my favourite. I didn't use notes personally, as I find it distracts me and makes me hesitate more but looking back I think I might have spoken a little bit too fast and it might not have been long enough. Hmmm... just waiting to find out now. It's so annoying to have to wait, especially if at the end of that I haven't got in and all the other places at other unis will have been filled!

    And, as they explained, it's not as if 'no news is good news'.. it's just no news! Limbo!!

    Interview questions for me were:

    1) Tell me about your classroom experience and why that made you want to teach primary

    2) What do you see the teacher's role as being in the class?

    3) How would your master's degree help you in becoming a good teacher? (I'm afraid I flailed a bit on this one!)

    4) Urgh... there were definitely four but I can't remember! Nothing out of left field though!

    Just talk a lot about your experiences and you will be fine.... it's only ten minutes and it just flies by.

    PS: polka, have you asked for feedback on why you didn't get in?

    Good Luck!

    (BTW I wrote my presentation the night before lol. Don't know if it showed! Prob best to be more organised that me...)
  11. Its just as well I didn't say anything bad about your presentation or I would have been busted! Your presentation was excellent, it showed your extensive knowledge of different things! I was impressed with the amount of lessons you could do with rocks! I emailed them asking for feedback, just waiting on a reply now. I'm the girl who did presentation on smells. I kind of know myself where I went wrong, really just nerves got the better of me and forgot stuff that I could rhyme off in my sleep! Let me know how you get on, I've my fingers crossed for you.
  12. Ah you're very kind!
    Phonics book will be great! Just show your enthusiasm!
    All the best!
  13. polka, how many people were in the room altogether including interviewees and interviewers??? Need to know roughly so i have an idea of how many books and trays to bring.
  14. There was eight and I think and then two interviewers. But we weren't supposed to present to the interviewers as such, they told us to not look at them and to focus on our fellow interviewees. In my group everybody just took one or two items and passed it around the table so everybody could have a look. You could just pass the book around your group so each person can have a look at it. It is a small group so everyone will be clearly able to see you demonstrating it, or if it is a two person activity ask for volunteers.
  15. You sound as panicked as me about this whole thing! Im just trying to prepare my presentation (for wednesday) now...I can see what Im going to be like already- rambling and nervous! Im working on it though! Have you been reading lots on current issues etc? I have had a brief glance but I really don't think theyre going to ask stuff like that, i reckon it will be more about you and your own experiences?!
    Also, what are you wearing? I really dont want to go overly smart because I wont be able to relaw for the day!
  16. Hi,
    My interview is this Wednesday too, I'm really nervous, especially about my presentation as thats what I messed up on in my interview for my first choice of uni!
    I'm wearing a suit so hoping other people will be smart too haha x
  17. It's great to know somesome else is in the same boat! The day seems like a really long day? I am just trying to do some work on my presentation now and it's not going great...im not really sure what level of interaction with the audience they want?! the presentation is definitely the thing im dreading most...im not too worried about the interview! ill be gutted if I dont get in though, mary's just looks amazing! Im thinking of a suit but definitely too scared to brave wearing heels, I know I'll trip or something!
  18. Hey Ivyem, let me know how u get on!! is it this wednesday, yeh?
    Im so nervous, mine is next week, Im definetly not wearing heels, i think il be shakey enough!! [​IMG]
    Could you please let me know what the numeracy and written tasks are like, id really appreciate it..
    my presentation isnt going great either, but fingers crossed things will work out on the day. nice to hear from others in the same boat.
  19. oh, and i havnt really had time to look over current issues to be honest but im going to before the interview.
    they dont make their decision based on the tests tho...i hope??
  20. hey,

    they said that they certainly do take the tests into consideration! You are only allowed two spelling errors on the English and I guess a certain mark on the maths or they exclude you I believe. Remember it's really competetive so it's important to do well on the tests because if it's a choice between you and someone else who performed equally in the interview/presentation then who did better on the test is going to get in.

    Having said that the tests are very simple and are really nothing to worry about. The maths is not even maths. They give you a sheet of paper and you just have to apply what is said on the sheet to what is on your answer sheet. And the answers are already there so even if you don't know you have a 33.333% chance of guessing correctly. There was Roman Numerals, 3D shapes, significant figures and scientiic notation. And it's all explained on the sheet!! No worries, really.

    English is less than a page. Mine was write about a recent article I'd read on education, my thoughts and apply that to what I saw in my school experience. This is more style over substance as they're looking for good SPAG.. DON'T spell words incorrectly! If you don't know the spelling use another word, simple as that! (And make sure it IS a current issue too lol) It doesn't have to be major, just anything you've read about. Maybe check out bbc.com/education for ideas.

    Interview is very informal and about four questions long, just be prepared to talk about your experience. There were no questions from left field and no mention of educational policies, although you can bring these up and get bonus points I guess.

    Everyone's nervous about the presentation but again, no big deal... just think of it as being like a presentation you would give at university. THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR PREPARATION, seriously, it's easy to tell who has practised and who has thrown it together last minute. But be careful not just to recite in a monotone voice hehe. Smile, make eye contact and engage your audience! Don't speak too fast/too quietly and certainly don't rely too heavilly on notes. I had none but obviously bullet points are ok. Nerves do tend to make everything leave your head! Also, don't worry about taking a little pause to think. You may think it takes forever but the audience appreciates a little breather, especially if you've been talking fast for a while!

    All the other interviewees will be just the same and everyone's really friendly. Listen to their presentations well so even if you don't get in this time you can pick up some great ideas and tips... I know I did!

    Well I am talking like I know it all LOL but am still waiting to hear from St Mary's, it's really frustrating, like being stuck in limbo! Had my interview on the 19th.... hope I hear soon.

    Good luck everyone for Wednesday!!

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