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PGCE Prep: good hard drives and printers?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by pumpkin898, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Hi all
    Just wondering if there were any tech wizards out there who know where I can find a good external hard drive that will work well with the Time Machine app on my macbook?
    I've read on here that an external hard drive is a MUST for backing up work, and feel I would be an idiot not go get one to be on the safe side, but want to make sure I make a good investment. Time Capsules are £250 so waayyy too expensive.
    I thought I may as well get a high capacity one as I have about 32GB of music I wouldn't mind backing up as well.
    If anyone knows of any good all-in-one printers that aren't too expensive and don't eat ink like it's going out of fashion, recommendations would also be welcome!
    Thanks in advance for your help :)
  2. Honestly? I used USB for my PGCE and a cheap b/w laserjet. So you needn't spend a fortune if you can't find anything- £250??? Blimey...
  3. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious New commenter

    Back when I did mine I had all my evidence on a 2GB memory stick, and I scanned pretty much everything in and stored it there (ICT PGCE). You don't need a lot of storage space, really.
    Go for either a standard PNY memory stick or, if you really want an external HDD, Western Digital are a good quality brand.
  4. Yeah £250 is outrageous! I was almost ill when I saw that. I was thinking about just using a USB stick but thought I may as well go for an external hard drive I can keep at home for the rest of my macbook stuff, e.g. the 32GB of music I'd really not want to lose if my macbook failed.
    Think I'll get a 2GB USB anyway though for carrying files around and taking into school. Perhaps I'll just get that for now and get a hard drive later down the line if I feel I need it (there's always Christmas haha)
    Did you not find you needed colour printing during your PGCE?
    Thanks for the advice [​IMG]
  5. Not enough to warrant splashing out- I used the uni library, or the school printers. You really shouldn't have to use your own printer for resources, and I very much doubt any tutor will complain about things printed in black and white for your folders.
  6. s249

    s249 New commenter

    Don't need it for PGCE, but if you want a really good hard drive I would recommend Lacie.
  7. Woah! I've got a mac and never invested in one of those...just a normal, external hard drive does the trick.

    For moving files between home and school, use a memoy stick.
    For backing up work, I've always used Transcend Shock Resistance hard drives - just look them up on Amazon - I've had a couple for years and never had a problem.

  8. happydavid

    happydavid New commenter

    When I was doing my PGCE, I used the free cloud storage service called Dropbox. This was brilliant, because I could do some lesson preparation (worksheets etc.) whilst in school on my pc laptop and then continue working on the docs at home on my MacBook. The service provides 2Gb free, which is more than enough to back up a huge amount of lesson planning/evidence for standards as well as your assignments. Please BACK UP YOUR ASSIGNMENTS as you write them.

    Dropbox works in the background and is compatible with both the pc and mac platforms. If you want to be extra secure, you can always back up your dropbox folder to a memory stick.

    Good luck. You are doing the right thing by sorting things like this out now, because you won't have chance after the first couple of weeks of the PGCE.

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