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PGCE (pre service) Nottingham Trent

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Mat1990, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    This is my first thread I am starting the PGCE (pre service) at Nottingham Trent this September and was wondering who else is starting at Nottingham trent this Septemeber. Am I the only one to have Pre PGCE nerves??
  2. Hi Mat1990,
    I'm starting the PGCE (pre service) at Nott Trent in September as well so you're not alone in the nerves department!

  3. Mina and Mat,
    I teach sports science and psychology in FE so I thought I'd point you at PEShare and Psychshare, in case you haven't found them yet.
    Drop the names in Google and you will get an instant hit. They are both free to register with and have a HUGE amount of resources for many exam boards.
    Mina - check out the social sciences subject board here - look on the left. Psychology is in there.
    Mat. sadly the PE subject borad here is not geared up for A levels much, there is some good stuff in resources, but PEshare is the place to go for you.
    You are both welcome to PM me if you want more info, or ask here. I shall try to be as helpful as possible.

    Good luck, you'll love it once you have relaxed into your first few weeks. One hint: keep your distance, you are not their friend. Especially if you are in your 20s.
    I have just lost a newly qualified teacher because of a lack of distance and hence class management. Please don't make that same mistake - it can make your teachinglife difficult/miserable!

  4. Hi everyone,
    I'm starting my ProfGCE LLS at Nottingham Trent this September. I'm really excited but also starting to get a little nervous. I'll be teaching drama/performing arts (although my degree is in Psychology!).
    I have already read both of my core textbooks but I still don't know if I'm prepared enough! I have been set a summer essay and I'm finding it a little tricky to get started.

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