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PGCE Post Compulsory interview at IOE

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by snakeeyes, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. I see a lot of threads on Primary and Secondary interview tips but does anyone have any tips for a post compulsory interview (part time)? Possible group discussion topics, format of diagnostic assessments and interview questions?

    Many thanks
  2. I see a lot of threads on Primary and Secondary interview tips but does anyone have any tips for a post compulsory interview (part time)? Possible group discussion topics, format of diagnostic assessments and interview questions?

    Many thanks
  3. Hi,

    i am start the PGCE Post Compulsory course in sept at a different uni. my interview consisted of a group discussion which involved the course tutor telling us about the course, then we were split into twos and had to give a quick talk about the other person. we then had a 20min written test. we were told it was going to be on a current issue within PCET but it was basically write an essay on what qualities make a good PCET tutor. this was to see if we could write and know about what qualities u need for teaching. we then had an individual interview. i think the main thing is to show that you are enthusiastic about your subject and why u want to teach post compulsory rather than primary and secondary. unfortunately there arent many posts on the boards in this area, and i would bother posting on the further education board cos they arent helpful really (apart from a few). what subject are u doing? good luck!
  4. Hi

    Thank you for your reply. That's great advice and I have definitely taken that on board. Your interview sounds similar to the outline of mine.

    It's a PGCE focused on Literacy.

    Congratulations on getting onto your course. Wishing you all the best. Hope you get to have a nice break before you start!
  5. I did the PGCE (PC) course at IOE in 2004 and agree with suzanne08. We didn't do the 'what makes a good teacher' essay until after our pre course experience (1 week observing secondary school teachers) but we also had a group and individual interviews. If I recall correctly, we started off with the head of the course giving us a brief talk about what the course is, what it involves and what we would be doing for the rest of the interview day. Then, we were split into groups and had a discussion about what makes a good teacher and why we're doing the course (they were 5 people in my group). I remember talking about my A-level Psychology teacher (organised, funny but knew where to draw the line, taught us to think for ourselves, active learning methods, knew the subject well, etc) and how this inspired me to become a teacher. This seemed to go down well, as I caught a glimpse of the woman who was to be my PGCE tutor making notes next to my name. Afterwards, we went back to the 'lecture room' where we were taken individually to another room with another PGCE tutor and asked general questions about our qualifications and reasons for applying (not nearly as painful as a general job interview I found). After that, I was told that I was accepted and went home.

    So, issues that you might want to 'big up' are:

    Criticial thinking skills for students
    Student centred methods & differentiation (e.g. learning styles)
    Reform of GCSEs, A-levels etc
    Educational policy (Tomlinson report, QTLS, IfL, introduction of new diplomas, renetion and achievement-means of including learners of all age groups, not just 16-19 year olds. E.g. courses to improve adult literacy and numeracy).
    Theories of learning (e.g. use of questions-cognitive).
    Equal opportunities (e.g. DDA act, class, ethinicity, gender).
    Your keeness for doing the course and becoming a 'good teacher' (e.g. keen to share good practice).

    Btw, it looks like a long list but you don't have to mention them all. Just showing that you're aware or willing to be aware of them should be enough! The main ones are student-centred learning and keeness.

    Good luck! I hope that the interviews go well for you!

    I'm sure they will!

    Let us know how you get on!


    PS. I agree with your analysis of the FE forum suzanne08. There are a lot of childish people on there. Please don't let that put you off asking FE and 6th form teachers for help though! We're a nice bunch really!

    PPS. I forgot to mention that one of the things that previous IOE students (like me) liked about the course was the sense of community and friendliness, so make the effort to chat to the tutors and other candidates too (I don't mean suck up to people or be insincere, I just mean make the effort to smile and say hello to everyone).

  6. Sorry for the typos in my previous post. I keep forgetting to use the preview post button first! ;-)

    Hope that you found the post useful, anyway!
  7. thank you for the reassurance for teaching in FE. i was getting a bit put off by all the negative comments on the FE board and im glad there is someone out there who thinks its a good course/career! thank you.
  8. You're welcome! It's reassuring to find that not all teachers think that my qualification is 'worthless' just because it's not recognised in a school! I didn't orignally intend to teach this age group in a school, but circumstances, such as the government's priortising of funding towards schools and raising of the leaving age to 18, have now led me to do so, in order to establish and maintain a level of income sufficient to enable to me to meet the ever increasing costs of living.

    Btw, I've applied to obtain QTS through the Uni of Glos. distance learning assessment based route, in order to do this.

    Good luck, suzanne08 and feel free to ask me for help at any time. This goes for other FE teachers who dislike the FE thread or are in the same situation as me. ;-)

    Class whisperer
  9. Hi Classwhisperer. Thanks for taking the time to write your post. It's all really helpful and has calmed my nerves a bit.

    All the best with your application too!
  10. You're welcome, snakeeyes! Let me know how you get on and if you need any help with the actual course! Mine was a few years ago and I did the full-time PGCE, so things might be different for you, but I'm more than happy to help you in any way I can!

    Btw, thanks for your good wishes regarding my AOB QTS. I received an e-mail this week telling me that I need to teach GCSE Sociology for 10 hours per week, in addition to my A-Level psychology lessons (so fingers crossed that my A-level intensive Sociology course resuts will be good) and I have to get the school head to sign an approval form, which he's not allowed to sign until I've been working at the school for at least a month! What a pain! Still, at least it gives me a month in which to settle in and 'lay down the law' to my A-Level students first. The extra month of prep time for GCSE will also be a bonus, as I've taught neither Sociology nor GCSE before (I also hadn't studied it before until I started my A-level intensive course in September 2007). What a busy bee, I'll be!

  11. Just to clarify, I won't get a place on the course until the head signs the approval form. What a pain, as I said!
  12. Hi suzanne08 and classwhisperer. Just to let you know thta I was accepted onto the course so Student Teacher, here I come!! Thank you so much for your help!

    suzanne08- good luck on the course this year- have fun!

    classwhisperer- hope your A level result was as expected, and you get the extra teaching hours!
  13. hi i have my interview this friday with IOE for pgce fe feelin very nervous! can any1 give me any tips for the interview!! been asked to present a presentation on why i want to be a teacher and why the post compulsory sector.

    if you have any tips, it would be gr8.

  14. hi there
    i have a pgce interview at IOE and hav to answer same question as urs... please advice me if you can

    many thanks

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