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pgce placement

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by radhadee, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Thank you for your speedy reply.
    I met with my uni tutor at the school this morning. She was not really encouraging and went through the email i sent to her over the weekend responding to what had happened in retrospect.
    Unfortunately the decision by the head had already been made, after only three weeks on my first ever placement i was not wanted to teach at all in class. She had come to this decision by speaking to my AT only, i have never met or spoken to her at all. Nor had she seen me in the classroom. I can only think it must of been something drastic for her to come to this decision and i have not been told exactly why only that she was not happy for me to teach. The only response was that they had been making progress in this term and now they are not. Any way I have four weeks left and they are just letting me observe. I have no choice in this matter. All I can tell you is it seems rather a harsh decision after only actual two weeks in the classroom. The decision was made on the Monday of the third week. There seems to be no lee way for the fact that I am a complete novice. I am just going to now concentrate on my essay I have to do and also the tasks and Tests for Uni. There is no more i can do. I only hope my next placement is at a better school offering more support. Also now I must wait till the end of next year to do my FPP if the uni can get me a placement. Its a rather disappointing start to my career and yes, I am feeling a little dejected.
  2. So it looks like your uni agree with your school. This is really bad and not at all helpful. Just observing for four weeks is going to impact on your next placement as you will be well behind in your progress with solo teaching and you will struggle from the off. I hoped your uni will try to move to another school to complete your first placement successfully. Very disappointing..
    I don't know what you can do except to keep your head down and concentrate on other aspects of your course. But it's such a waste of your valuable time in school when you should be teaching, at least small groups or part of a lesson to start with.
  3. Ypou need to talkto your university tutor and see how they aregoing to help and support you and the AT, if the AT is new, then they need support as well perhaps in how to get you into teaching. There needs to be clear communication between the various parties to ensure that evryonbe is aware of the expectations and the level of support needed for a novice primary teacher on first placement - seek help and support from your tutor.
  4. Alec, I am the students mother replying to your post.
    Both she and I agree totally with your comments I only wish the UT would of seen your point of view, I have spoken to other teachers i know and they also agree that they have gone about this in the wrong way, ie she should of had more support as a novice teacher, not undermining her confidence in the way they have. Like she says she feels as though she has been put back a lot now in her progression. She is just observing once again, which she spent the previous year doing at a local school. How can she ever gain teaching confidence by sitting observing. She does need to at least do parts of the lesson, that way the AT could asses how she is progressing or where she is going wrong. At least then over the next four weeks she could gain some benefit from the placement. I personally feel she should go to the head of pgce, but i know she will not do this as does not wish to antagonize the situation. So she will just have to grit her teeth and like she says they have made their decisions already. Personally i think the whole matter is disgusting. In the place I work, a large teaching hospital we encourage all our students on a one to one basis. We would never thrown them in the deep end and expect miracles within 2 weeks. !!!! Like i say the whole matter is 'Unbelievable' I hope the UT has a nosey through these columns !!!

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