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PGCE place at BCU for 2012/13

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by littleemme, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Hi. I've just been offered a place on this course teaching Secondary Art and Design. Has anyone else been offered a place?
  2. Hi. I've just been offered a place on this course teaching Secondary Art and Design. Has anyone else been offered a place?
  3. Hello!
    I was offered a place for secondary drama about 4 weeks ago but I cannot seem to find anyone else so far! You are the first person I have come across from creative arts who has been offered a place!
  4. I've been offered an unconditional place on the Primary PGCE, but can't really find anyone else who has! xo
  5. I've had an unconditional offer for primary too :)
    When was your interview? Mine was Wednesday 1st February.
  6. My interview was the first they did on the 9th November, and I heard back on the 10th January. A long wait, but very worth it xo
  7. I bet it was a long wait! I applied a day before the cut off as my mom had been ill and I was all over the place but all is ok (touch wood) now. I heard back on Friday 3rd Feb so wasn't too bad a wait as I was expecting 1-2 weeks. Had an offer to do a SCITT too but I've accepted BCU.
    Look forward to seeing you in Sept :)
  8. Same - I'm sooo excited! Will you be living in halls or commuting? I really love the style of teaching on the BCU PGCE, I think it will be such a great year for us all :) xo
  9. I live about 30miles away from Birmingham, so I shall be commuting. I was going to drive in, but I think I'd rather get the train as I've heard there are very little opportunities for parking in the morning! Not a fan of driving through Birmingham, especially in the rush hours.
    I went on the open day, and the course is taught in groups in classrooms - I love that. It seems so much better to the lecture style many other institutions offer. I am already getting anxious about the workload! I have started preparing for QTS skills tests and reading about planning, theories etc.! Have you done any prep? xo
  10. Hello! Congratulations! I have been offered a place to do secondary art and design too! I'm looking forward to starting and was so relived to get a reply (so much sooner than I had anticipated!) Are you local to Birmingham? I'm going to be commuting from Leicestershire- sounds further than it is!!
  11. As I said above, I will be commuting! Not a fan of driving though Birmingham though (would rather drive through London!), so will be getting the train :) Congratulations on getting a place, have you done any preparation for your course yet? xo
  12. Hello all - I've been offered a place for the Primary PGCE at BCU too. Mine's conditional though as I'm in my final year of my degree. (Fingers crossed all goes to plan!!)
    Really looking forward to seeing you in September! Congratulations to all who have also been accepted.
    I live relatively close to the uni so will be commuting also. xx
  13. Hi!
    I have an interview next week for art and design at BCU...what can i expect? Freaking out a little bit. Congratulations for getting on!
  14. I haven't had any information from the uni yet, have you? All I've had is my confirmation letter from GTTR asking me to email the uni to confirm my place, whixh I have :)
  15. I suppose they will send us all the necessary forms nearer the time. I cannot wait to hand my notice in at work at the end of July, so excited :) xo
  16. Hi everyone, I have been offered a place for the Early years PGCE starting this year!
    Has anyone been sent anything from the uni yet? Didn't know if we would be sent information letters etc :)
  17. Snoopy1975

    Snoopy1975 New commenter

    I've got an unconditional offer on the part time course. I'm so excited! Stuff must be out soon if not already because of the deadlines.
  18. Hiya :)

    I am going to this on the 1st of June, are you?
    Do you know if we have to take anything with us?
  19. I don't think we do but I'll take a pencil case and a notebook just in case. I think it's more to welcome us onto the course and provide us with some information.
    Look forward to meeting everyone there :)

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