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PGCE Physics with Maths

Discussion in 'Science' started by sparkleghirl, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. sparkleghirl

    sparkleghirl Star commenter

    Do it.
    I doubt you'll have any trouble getting an NQT post but even in the worst case scenario, you can complete your NQT year on one or the other.
    I did physics/maths, I've eventually plumped for Physics but having maths as well has, I think, made me far more employable.
  2. Ah.. so as long as I teach physics at the appropriate key stages in my NQT year, I wouldn't need to worry about the maths as well? So I could do Physics with maths and do my year in Physics KS3 science and that's ok?
  3. nemo.

    nemo. Occasional commenter

    Seems like a typical crazy government idea. Ks3 is all mixed up and mostly gcse is double award again all three sciences. Only grammar and private schools split the three sciences. With maths helps a bit but personally that seems quite a mix. Maths is taught so weirdly in schools (why keep subtracting to divide - what's wrong with long division?) I am a physicist and enjoyed teaching ks3 mixed science and double science. Biology single though would be tough. I now teach abroad and only teach physics but as hod It helps to have taught all three sciences. Anyway chemistry is fun so physics with chemistry would make more sense IMHO. Also science is just plain mode fun to teach than maths !
  4. That's what's making me think... I don't want to get a "seemed like a great idea at the time" qualification only to find I can't do my NQT year at the end of it because schools don't like the idea as much as the IOP and policy makers..

    I'd enjoy teaching all three sciences at KS3 and combined at GCSE. I'd like to say "Can do maths" too though.
  5. steve_cooke

    steve_cooke New commenter

    We'll be looking to employ a "physics with Maths" in the next couple of years, but we are an independent.
  6. I had problems persuading the HM not to appoint a "maths with physics" person: as Head of Science I wanted someone who "lived" in the Science Office, talking to experienced science teachers, and in the prep room, finding out how to ply their trade from the technicians. Splitting an NQT with Maths would have been awful, IMO.
    As someone else posted, you're not going to be a strong Head of Science candidate in 5-10y time, but you could be interested in Head of Maths & Science Faculty LATER.
    I've known plenty of Physics teachers who've ended up teaching Maths but very few Mathematicians who've taught Science.
    It's your life - you have to live with your decision. [​IMG]
  7. MarkS

    MarkS New commenter

    I would take on a candidate with the 'Maths & Physics' PGCE...but only to teach Science, so why bother? Personally, I'd stick with Physics/Science...but it is a personal decision.
    Mark (Head of Science)
  8. I would echo Mark. Go with Physics/Science. Whoever employs you is going to want you to be in their team. It would be quite hard being an NQT split evenly between 2 departments, doubtless some physical distance apart in a school.
    I am also a Head of Science in a state school.
  9. It's really useful to hear that. I'm aware that discrepancies can sometimes exist between good ideas and reality! Very good to know..
  10. Thanks Debra. And everyone else. This is a great help to think it through..

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