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PGCE Physics Presentation

Discussion in 'Science' started by physics_suits_you, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. Good luck with your interview. You may have chosen a bad time to ask questions, as many schools will be on their Easter break (we had ours from 25th March to 11th April).
    One of the reasons to ask you to present something, may be to encourage you to research current specifications (syllabii). I don't know any which include Doppler effect at KS4: it used to be on my previous A level course but it's not on my current one! Pitching a lesson at too high a level is a common fault with "new" teachers. That's not to say don't be demanding or settle for low aspirations, just check that your (and your students) efforts are focussed on producing appropriate outcomes. Quickly check the specs: if you're unlucky and you've already prepared your talk you could possibly preface your talk by "I'm aiming to extend the gifted, more able child and encourage him or her to persue A level Physics".
    Good luck again.
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    Strangely Doppler isn't in the GCSE syllabus but red shift is! I usually teach red shift by introducing the doppler effect.
  3. Doppler effect is in AQA P1b isn't it? I taught it a few months ago anyway.

  4. Quite honestly......... I think that's a bit ambitious and you could end up being quite dry. I would find something more obviously real life and give it a contect that shows you know how to make physics relevent and engaging to kids. Pressure is quite a good one, which end of the life would you like me to poke at you.... The blade or the handle? Why? Who will sink more, an eskimo on snow shoes or a woman wearing stillettos.........?
  5. knife!
  6. Cosmic_Rainbow

    Cosmic_Rainbow New commenter

    I had my PGCE interview a few weeks ago. i chose a really simple topic that i knew was deffo on the curriculum. the main reason for the presentation is so that they can see how you would be in front of a class so try not too be nervous, relax and be natural. during the presentation they did not really test me on my knowledge but more how i would introduce it. i also took a worksearch with the keywords in and a simple wordsorting task that i had already cut out and laminated which they seemed quite impressed with so mayb you could include something like that too.

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