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PGCE (PCET) to secondary conversion....

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Simonmusician, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. ...is this possable?

    I am just coming to the end of my PGCE (PCET) and was wondering if it was possible to somehow "top up" this qualification so that you can apply for secondary school jobs as well...
    My specialism is music, and I have worked in secondary and primary schools as a support assistant and as a peripetatic teacher; as well as my current placement at college- don't know if this would help/hinder!
    My reasons are mainly practical; there are plusses and minuses in both working at schools and colleges, so in my mind they come out roughly equal- so it's not just a case of "post 16 jobs are harder to find"; more a case of wanting to have more flexabilaty and diversity. But that as well, to be honest.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    The big thing is the qualified teacher status
  3. Sigh! We've been through this issue on the TES forums so many times now that it's getting very wearying (not your fault, I don't blame you) but here goes:

    No, there isn't a top up course at the moment! You'll have to do the GTP which will lead to QTS. There is talk of a partnership between the TDA and IfL designing a CPD programme for teachers with QTLS teaching in school 6th forms but god knows when it will happen or what it involve! As soon as I find out something, I'll post.
    Btw, if you've taught in both environments and want the flexiblity, why on earth didn't your uni advise you to do a PGCE secondary instead, knowing that you would have a problem with QTS (QTLS is NOT an equivalent and cannot be passported over) because this qualification is also relevant for FE (although recent law now says that you would have to do a CPD course in FE as well)?
    I hope this post helps!
  4. It's really starting to annoy me that so many people are getting churned out year after year not knowing that QTLS is not transferable to secondary. Why the hell Unis/ colleges don't warn us in advance I'll never know.
    I'm in the same boat. I've been working as a cover supervisor for the past 7 months as the Uni I am applying to for the GTP requests 6 months solid secondary experience. I have to apply, then get through 2 interviews before I can start working on getting QTS. I have recently been told I may be eligible for student finance to fund my 2nd PGCE because my first one didn't result in QTS. My county are working on that answer though because they haven't come across that situation before! I'll keep you posted.
    By the way, you may have missed out on the GTP for Sept 09/10 now.
  5. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    This now leads me to ask if there's any sort of qualification (like QTS) that i'd be expected to have but don't having been secondary trained via the PGCE route and looking at going into 6th form college/FE.

  6. Not as far as I'm aware! All you will probably be asked to do is a CPD course to help you adapt to FE (if the proposed change to FE law has come into effect yet. I think that this proviso doesn't come into effect until next year. If it hasn't come into effect, you won't have to do anything) and decide whether to stick with your GTC registration or switch to the IfL (FE's equivalent to the GTC). You will then have to inform the body that you decide against registering with. E.g. if you decide to stick with the GTC, you will have to inform the IfL.
    Hope this helps!
  7. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    It does. I also have a feeling that if i get this job i'll need a certain amount of hand holding as i adapt to things in FE.
  8. In what way do you think you will have to adapt out of interest? How do you imagine FE to be different from secondary, Moony?
  9. No! You did it the right way round by getting QTS thus having the choice to work in either secondary or FE. At the moment anyway...
  10. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    I'm not sure, i was at the 6th form attached to my secondary school. I'm kinda assuming that it'll be more like a college than a school, i know it's less formal, it's things like detentions etc that i'm assuming will be different.
  11. I am in the same position as you. I am currently working as a Cover Supervisor in a secondary school and trying to find less time consuming ways of converting my PGCE PCET to PGCE Secondary. I feel let down that I was not informed by my Uni about the benefits of PGCE Secondary. My worry now is that I may have to fund myself to complete a PGCE Secondary. Please do keep me posted on your development stage - the advice will be very much appreciated.
  12. If you have already completed a PGCE (FE /Post16) there is no need to do a second PGCE for secondary, you will not be eligible for a second funding to do it even.
    The only answer to your worries is to ask the school where you are currently doing your Cover Supervision job to help fund your 'GTP / Assessment only Route to QTS'. There is no cost to the school, but they are mostly concern about the time remission entitlement to you of 10% to help you prepare for the programme. In addition, they will have to release you to do a 6 weeks placement in a second school which is part of the requirements to complete the QTS. The 6 weeks placement can be done in blocks, but as long as everything is added up to 6 weeks.
    If it doesn't work with your current school you can also try other schools who may be willing to provide you with the opportunity and also keep looking in TES for GTP jobs. You may have to consider to sacrific a salary cut, but with experience some schools may consider paying you additional amount to match your years of experience.

    Good luck.

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