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Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by feaver87, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Hi Lisamarie86,

    I have already had my interview for Primary PGCE and am waiting to hear back on whether or not I have been accepted. So fingers crossed [​IMG]
    First of all, you are given an introductory talk about what you do on the course, and then split into small groups (of about 5 or 6). You then go off in your small groups, and to begin with, introduce yourself to the group. You then do paired activities and then debate them after as a large group. After this, you take turns in doing your five minute teaching task. I was quite nervous about this but I think it went quite smoothly. After all the teaching tasks, you get back into pairs and debate the maths investigation that you have been given, saying how you worked out the answers. Finally, you do a written reflection on what you could have done better on the day, and what you have learnt from yourself and others.
    Good luck with yours, if there is anything you want to know, feel free to ask.

    Alex Feaver x
  2. Lisamarie86 - I have an interview on the 12th as well! Are you in the morning or afternoon? I'm excited but beginning to get a bit nervous!
    feaver87 - The info you have given is really helpful and has definitely made me feel a lot better about the interview. I have a few questions if you don't mind giving a bit more advice. The teaching task - can it be about absolutely anything? In the email they sent they said that a flipchart and overhead projector were available....is that like an oldschool overhead projector witht the plastic bits of paper things, or can we hook a laptop up to it (am wondering if I want to use pictures or photos if I would be better off bringing actual pictures). Also you mentioned doing paired activities then debating them....is that mainly about teaching and learning techniques etc or do I need to be completely uptodate on governments plan for education?
    I hope your interview went well and you were successful!
  3. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    I did my PGCE at Oxford Brookes last year. The teaching task can be anything - choose something that you are interested in rather than just something you think will impress, because a) you'll feel more confident and b) it'll give them an insight into who you are. There won't be an opportunity to use ICT because they want you to focus on showing them your aptitude for teaching rather than your proficiency with ICT. Visual aids are good but make them simple - your five minutes is quite strict and you don't want to waste time on setting up something complicated.
  4. I have an interview at Oxford Brookes on 12th January for the Primary PGCE too. I am also feeling very apprehensive. Its great to hear from others who will be going and very helpful to hear from those who have already been through it all! x x
  5. Good luck everyone! Let us know how you all do! X
  6. Anyone heard about a decision yet?
  7. Im in! Anyone else in? X
  8. Congrats Lisa [​IMG]
    I got in too [​IMG]
  9. Hello all,
    Congratulations on getting in, I found out on Friday I have an offer as well, which I am dead happy about as I was a bit nervy during my interview! I have had the offer on Track on the GTTR website but no offer letter or anything like that, does anyone know what happens next?
    Well done again,
  10. Hey Matt
    Well done on getting in as well. I'm the same, I have the offer on track and i think they dont do anything with it until you accept the place. You probably wont get letters or anything from them for a while, at least a few weeks anyway (maybe not until after Feb 11th date you had to respond by). They will then tell us any information we need to know about getting the medical and police check completed I assume. For now i think just be pleased you got in, sit tight and wait.
    Congrats, and see you in september!
  11. I got an offer too! Had the letter from gttr and letters from Brookes about CRB etc. Unfortunately I live abroad and they want a police clearance from here (which do not exist!) so not sure I will be at Brookes in September if I can't get it sorted.....inshallah I do!
    Congrats to everyone for getting in!
  12. Well done everyone!!! Such a relief!!! I'm sure you'l get it sorted before sept! Fingers crossed for you! How's everyone getting into Oxford everyday? I'm looking for anyone wanting to share petrol/ car share near the high Wycombe area?
  13. Thanks for your help, its reassuring to be told its relaxed, think thats the main problem before hand, always build it up to be a horrible nightmare!!! So really the group discussions are more common sense questions rather than brushing up on educational issues etc before hand? or is this something we might need to do to add to the discussions? thanks for giving advice for the teaching task too!! really nice of you to still be helping us out! :)
  14. Yes, thank you so much for the info! Feel slightly less stressed out now. From what everyone has said it seems like it'll be quite an informal day! Just hope nerves don't get the better of me like my last interview!
  15. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    When I had my interview a couple of years ago, some of the things people
    taught were how to make a paper aeroplane, Spanish, and cheese making. I don't think there is a 'right thing' - they are more interested in how you teach rather than what you teach. If you are confident with and enthusiastic about whichever topic you pick, that will come across in your teaching and will be the best start you can give yourself.

  16. hey everyone,

    I was really nervous before the interview but it was so relaxed there really was no need to worry!
    I would definitely pick something that you are interested in already and something that you can explain about first and then perhaps get the others involved for the last bit. For example I did a quick explanation on two simple water colour techniques and then got them to do it. I would steer clear of folding paper activities or something you don't know much about as there was allot of question asking in my group at the end of the presentation! Bit embarrassing if you can't answer the questions!

    I wouldn't so much read up on current educational issues but I would make sure you have read all the information they give you (and on the universities site) about reflective teaching as this is what your essay is based on. I think if Brookes have offered you an interview in the first place you will have enough experience to be able to give valid answers and have plenty to talk about in the discussion parts of the interview.

    I am definitely going to be driving in everyday from High Wycombe but I wanted to see if anyone else needs a lift in from the High Wycombe area and share petrol costs etc... Plus will be nice not to go in on my own!!

    Good luck everyone you will do fine!!!
  17. Thank you to everyone for taking the time to reply and reassure us! One week tomorrow!
  18. [​IMG] Good luck! Let us know!

    By the way does anyone know when we will recieve reading lists-more information etc??
  19. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    From my experience a couple of years ago, they will send out information towards the end of May.
  20. you were right, definitely one of the most (not a word im used to saying..) enjoyable! interviews I've had! Whether I get in or not is a different matter but everyone was really nice. thanks for everyones help!!

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