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Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by ruksanakhalid8, Dec 23, 2018.

  1. ruksanakhalid8

    ruksanakhalid8 New commenter

    What's the difference in work load between PGCE and PGDE.

    I understand PGCE provides 60 credits while PGDE gives double that. Is PGDE less in school training and more academic based?

    Which do schools prefer or it doesn't make much of a difference, other than you're closer to a masters?
  2. roberwilson_01

    roberwilson_01 New commenter

    PGDE - Post Grad Diploma in Education (Scotland)
    PGCE - Post Grad Certificate in Education (England)

    The PGDE is the equivalent of a PGCE. The qualifications were renamed in the 2007 review of Post Compulsory teacher training and became Level 6 Diplomas.

    They are commonly called PCET qualifications - Post Compulsory Education and Training. A person with QTLS (completed after the PGDE) can work in a school and teach post 14 on the same basis as those with QTS.
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  3. MrMedia

    MrMedia Star commenter

    ITE courses in England offer both PGDE and PGCE. You are right, you have to complete an extra 10,000 words of essays in the year. But no extra time, all courses have statutory 120 days in school.

    It’s cost effective as an MA costs around £7k. It’s about £1200 per 30 credit unit. Doing an extra two units in your PGDE means you save about £2500 when upscaling to the MA. It’s a lot of work though. You should find writing essays a doddle to do this. Don’t do it if essay writing isn’t your thing.

    Schools don’t care. They do care if you have an MA.
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  4. ruksanakhalid8

    ruksanakhalid8 New commenter

    Thank you I'm just about to embark on a PGDE in Abu dhabi and trying to visualise what a mammoth task I'm up against.

    I did not know about the cost effectiveness of doing PGDE, that's a bonus! Thank you!
  5. carmiaannandale

    carmiaannandale New commenter

    Hi! How are you finding the PGDE? Can I get your contact number or email address? I am considering choosing between the ADU PGDE and the TELLAL PGCE. Would appreciate any insight you can share.

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