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PGCE northampton offers?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by purple4simone, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. Has anyone heard back from uni of northampton yet after interviews? I no it will only be 2 weeks on monday comin since i attended my interview there but am sendin myself crazy constantly checkin my emails and gttr etc so at least if i no sum ppl have heard back then i can assume i havent got in an ask for app 2 go 2 my2nd choice asap but im beside myself from not knowin anything either way at the minute! OR did anyone have more sense than me and ask at interview how long before we heard back?? x
  2. Hey!
    I havent applied for Northampton but feel in the same situation!
    I have applied for ARU and it has been 15 days since I had my interview. They told me if I hadn't heard anything within 2 weeks I should contact them!
    I have been talking to people in these forums... at ARU they have two campuses, pboro and chelmsford and been hearing pboro people have been getting unsuccessful decisions, and I havent heard anything yet!
    Some other people have told me that I should contact the uni, but I'm too scared!!!! But if you have more guts than me then the whole point of me sending this message is that maybe you could contact Northampton and see how long they're gonna take?
    Good luck! x
  3. Aw no im too scared of ringing the uni too!! Especially incase they HAVENT decided on who they want yet and me pushin them makes them say no to me lol and i didnt want to ruin my chances on interview day by askin the question then either lol i feel for you tho as youve been waiting longer than me and the longer i wait the more convinced i am it must be a no cos so many people in other unis have got their good news too or their bad!:good luck to u to an let me know when u find out x
  4. Haha yeah! The reason I'm worried about ringing is if they say, "Errr actually, we arent gonna accept you..." Awkward or what haha!
    Aww you should have asked on interview day! Honestly they will answer questions like that! They actually told me at my interview. I asked a really odd question about where I could be put on placement etc haha and they didnt seem to mind!
    I got rejected by my first choice (even though I liked my second choice SO much better!) and I got told pretty quickly that I wasn't successful, about a week I think. So the longer you wait the better chance you have I bet! It's horrible waiting though!
    I was going to go to Northampton for my undergraduate degree (journalism). I went for about a month and then had to pull out because of personal issues. (I am now doing my undergrad at ARU Cambridge). You'll love it at Northampton, its such a nice uni! x
  5. Ah heres hopin i get in then! This is my 1st choice tho id applied to gtp first an was unsuccessful an got real bad hence why i didnt want to take the chance of askin any questions i hadnt planned a reaction for lol. Im hoping no news is good news then for the gtp said we would here within a fortnight, but it took them a month getting back to me and that was cos i hadnt got through so hopefully this is different lol my 2nd choice is bedford but ive been lookn round an they seem to have filled all their places! all the staff etc an the place itself seemed lovely and friendly atmosphere but knowin my luck if i ring ill be told ill hear when i hear lol x
  6. I'm sure you will :) Getting into PGCE is really really hard, so don't be disheartened!
    Yeah I applied for SCITT and didnt get in. I wish I went for GTP! UEA was my first choice and I was really glad to get an interview coz people told me it's incredibly difficult and is a popular course because its OFSTED is outstanding!
  7. I asked on the interview day..they told me it would take a week to find out...clearly not the case
  8. A week. oh no i hope that dont mean bad news that were stil waitin! Tho no one on here seems to have heard from there yet lol x
  9. Yeh..I have just spoken to a lady I know who had an interview the same day and she was told it would be up to three weeks before finding out, and she called the uni up earlier to find out what was going on and was told they were still making decisions.
  10. Aw i may jus sit back an hope for the best then,and by not knowin either way it meams i d
    have few more days to build myself up for possible no lol good luck then an let me know wen u hear something, tho the thought of possibly a whole wk.more of this is awful, especially as i have my uni xmas results out at some point next week 2 lol it could be a VERY long week lol x
  11. I will do..let me know too!
  12. Hi, I was told it would be about 2 to 3 weeks, but I rang the Uni on friday and no decisions had been made. They said we should hear this week hopefully so dont panic as no one else has heard either :)
  13. Hi
    I'm still waiting to hear from Northampton. I had my interview for the PGCE on 23rd Jan. Hoping to find out very soon whether it be good or bad news. Bedford is my second choice and I'm so scared they may have filled their places already! Good luck to you all, fingers crossed!
    Helen x
  14. Hi Helen, Bedford is my second choice too and I have heard that other people have already been accepted/rejected from there already. So I am not sure what will happen if we dont get into Northampton :S
    Dominique x
  15. Hi Dominiqe :)
    I checked gttr and it said that they still have vacancies, so I'm hoping that is the case :S Are you going for early years, primary or secondary? If Bedford have filled their places by the time they receive my application, I have no idea where I am going to apply :S I live in Milton Keynes so I don't want to be travelling too far x
  16. I am going for primary, how about you? x
  17. I am going for primary also x
  18. Bedford is my2nd choice tho ive already been to gtp interview and this one, and comin from n.ireland each time is costin me quite a lot each time, if i dont get into northampton id say ill not be attending any more interviews this time round for iv already spent the best part of £400 going to these 2. ill jus have to reapply nxt year if im not lucky enough to get into northampton this time round for ill be living in the country then so will be much cheaper! So am really hopin i get in for would be a weight off my mind!! Good luck all x x
  19. Hi guys!
    I rang the uni again today and they told me the tutors will be making their decisions this week and we SHOULD hear next week sometime. It keeps getting later and later :(
  20. I had my interview on 23rd Jan and am going crazy waiting, don't feel very confident about getting in and I am so nervous my 2nd choice (Oxford Brookes) will have filled all their spaces and I won't get a chance to apply, is so frustrating!
    I spoke to them last week and they said we would hear this week, although judging by the previous post it seems it will now be next week?!
    Good luck everyone!

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