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PGCE (MFL)... Enthusiasm has died a death

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by trishasweety, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Hi there,

    I am starting to get concerned about how I feel about my PGCE course. I am in a very supportive SCITT provider, and my first placement is at an all-girls non-selective school. My mentor is brilliant, and the girls are not that badly behaved, but I am not enjoying the course at all.

    The HOD is very difficult to get on with. She constantly says negative things about my lessons, and even when she gives me a compliment of any sort, it either seems sarcastic, or it is followed with a five minute rant as to why it went wrong. From the new year, I have agreed to show her more detailed lesson plans so she can guide me; but now I have lost the motivation to teach the classes she observes, and the girls in that group are really well behaved.

    I also failed my first assignment, which I felt I put a lot of effort in. The feedback is helpful, and I will try to follow it as best as I can, but there is that element of doubt that I will fail again - especially as I thought I would have passed.

    I am actually TEFL qualified, and I started this course anticipating a lot of hard work, but now I have got to a very demotivated stage, and I need to snap myself out of it, or see if anyone else is feeling similar.
  2. Hi Trisha
    This isn't a good situation to be in. Have you spoken to your mentor about it or the class teacher? Is there any way that your mentor could observe a couple of lessons along with the HOD, that way you would have 2 lots of feedback. I also think that despite the fact that we are on holiday at this time of year, it takes a lot out of us as you will be thinking about the next term along with trying to enjoy yourself as much as possible during the holidays.
    I know it's hard but try to think about why you wanted to teach in the first place and how it used to make you feel. Are your reasons for teaching still the same? Also, when I find things difficult, I try to picture how things will be once I'm past the hurdle. Imagine your own classroom once you've passed everything. Hopefully, that will make you feel much more positive.
    Hope it gets better soon for you x

  3. dkarana

    dkarana New commenter

    Hi Trisha,
    I was in the same boat as you.My mentor and other teachers were brilliant except for one.Who was not a good teacher herself and was very negative towards me.After my first lesson in her class, students came running to me to say that they had enjoyed it alot.But she was full of negative remarks.I tried to take her comments positively but could not digest her abusive ways.She even acknowledged me once after having her doze of enjoyment that she was being mean to me....Towards the end of the placement she insulted me without any reason in front of two people.It was good for me.When I spoke to my mentor about it,I had witnesses and action was taken immediately and things improved.For me her being negative was not a problem but being abusive was.It took all the joy of teaching away from me and I reflected critically on my teaching in the rest of the classes,tried to improve.Although I got good on my report but have a long way to go.
    So don't be afraid of negative remarks,everyone gets them but use them positively
    All the best
  4. In other words a bully.
  5. FEsenco

    FEsenco New commenter

    I am feeling exactly like this at the minute. In fact reading this was exactly what I was about to post in this forum.
    Everything with regards to my teaching was going well until last week. My university tutor was out and I got a good report with only a few things to work on. My university tutor spoke to my HoD straight after and she also said I was getting on well and there was no problems. Then two days later my HoD submitted a bad interim report which shocked both my university tutor and I so because of this I was called into the university.
    My HoD is very unsupportive, from the start I was left on my own and it was a fight to get any information about the class and what she would like me to cover. There was things she brought up on my report that she had never mentioned to me so I don't understand how I was expected to improve on those things if I didn't know I was doing them wrong.

    Anyway without all that happening I don't want to teach anymore, I don't enjoy it and I dread going into school everyday and I can't wait to get the classes over and done with. The pupils aren't that particularly difficult although behaviour can be an issue, I don't have any enthusiasm for teaching anymore.
    I had thought about moving to primary teaching as my nature I think is more suited to primary than secondary but I don't want to switch and realise I still have the same problem. I have a real interest in Special Needs and my last placement is in a special needs school so I have a dilemma as to whether to stick this course out and get to spend my last placement in a special needs school or to leave the course and find something that interests me but still within Education?
    Any advice?

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