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PGCE Media Sunderland 2012

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by Number5, Aug 17, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    Am looking to apply for the 2012 PGCE Media course at Sunderland University and trying to find out as much information as possible about the course at Sunderland and fees/funding required available.

    My degree is in Creative Imaging and have an MA in Media Cultures, so regarding ELQs will this affect the fee I have to pay and any funding if any available I may be eligible for?

    I have emailed the university regarding this query but I just want to check everywhere I may get an answer and would appreciate any information that other users or previous students of this course and university may be able to offer!

    Many thanks
  2. Hi,

    I'm not sure on any of your funding issues, however I am also interested in the 2012 PGCE Media Studies course. My big fear is that this course is vastly inferior in terms of employability to the one available at CSSD. I'm unsure what to put down as my first choice given the dilemma between the two; CSSD has very limited places as they only take on around 12 applicants each year as well as London being a city with expensive accommodation and living costs. On the other hand, Sunderland is an on-campus uni and will offer a course which will be less competitive and offer a cheaper way of life.

    Is there anybody out there who knows how employable Sunderland's Media PGCE course stands? It would be much appreciated!!

    Many Thanks
  3. I did the predecessor to this at Sunderland PGCE Creative and Media and they didnt have their acts together as we were the first cohort in 2008/09, the "education" training was good, but they struggled to get us placed in schools, I would think by now they have sorted this out.
    The only thing I would say is that with the current climate and with Mr Camerons Speech today, I wouldnt be sure of employability in the future
    A lot of us that were in my cohort are now teaching other subjects or not teaching at all and some of us including me are still looking for that elusive job!

  4. Hi lampost I found this very interesting - im also thinking of applying for this course and was wondering how easy it is once you have QTS to teach other subects which don't match your PGCE course... how varied are the subjects your peers teach and is this practice standard? Hope you find the job you want soon! and good luck to the other posters applying for same course :)
  5. ThereAreBunniesInMyHead

    ThereAreBunniesInMyHead Occasional commenter

    I did the CSSD course 3 years ago and was lucky enough to get a job straight away. On my first day they accounced I was teaching 1 period of English a week as well as 1 period of drama a week as well. There was no "asking me" if this was ok, it was just assumed. At first I thought this was just because I was new but having done this for 3 years now I can see that pretty much every teacher in my school has a second subject (except maybe the maths teachers).. I now teach 5 periods of drama every two weeks with the rest being media. Some teachers take 3 or 4 subjects! As a general rule they will only give you KS3 classes in your second or third subjects,rather than GCSE or A-Level, so its less pressure etc..
    As for the part about how easy it is to do, the answer is it varies. To be honest, most of your first few years of teaching is about learning behaviour management and teaching skills such as lesson planning etc, rather than focusing on subject knowledge or lack there of. So whether you are teaching your first subject or another one, the difficulty tends to stay the same. HOWEVER, having said that, it depends on how much support your receive from your different Heads of Department, how many resources / lesson plans you are given etc. I was lucky enough to have a Drama HOD who planned all the lessons for all the teachers in the dept and created all the resources so I just had to walk in and teach it which was much less stressful.
    It obviously also depends on what subjects you are given. English is very similar to Media Studies as is something like Citizenship, Sociology etc as they have very similar content / skills. Drama is a subject commonly given to Media teachers for some reason but I personally think it is extremely different to any other subject (much more like PE) because of the different teaching methods used and the different skills you are trying to develop in the students (more active, less desk based, less written work at KS3, more confidence needed for performances etc). Although the subject knowledge for drama was easy to pick up for me, the teaching skills I need in a drama class are completely different for those I use in Media (I use a whistle for one! lol!)
    Now days having the ability to teach more than one subject makes you more employable so good luck.

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