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PGCE Media placement needed

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by rosstaliana, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I have get an offer for the part time PCET course at the Univeristy of East London BUT only on the condition I find my own placement. I have until 9th September to do so.
    I need a position teaching media, ideally the BTEC Media Production as I am experienced in film and TV production... In fact I am writing this whilst working on a new Channel 4 documentary!

    Im based in SE London but am happy to go anywhere in London if need be. Obviously I am trying to contact colleges near to me but no one is in to pick up the phone at this time of year! grrr!

    If anyone knows a college that would be willing to take on a trainee teacher that would be ace. I need to have 50 hrs a year which is only 2.5 hrs a week!

    sorry for the really rushed message but I need to get back to work

    thanks to anyone that read this/ helps


    Ross Taliana
  2. Hi Ross, it is highly likely everyone will be back from just after the Bank Holiday Monday. So try on Tues/Weds.

    Many course leaders/managers will need some part time hours filling because course numbers fluctuate. It's a horrible chicken-egg situation getting started in FE but lots of people manage all the time :)

    You might be interested that NewVic college is looking for a media tech. In doing that role you might get some instructing hours and also have an actual paid job. Foot in the door n all that.


    Good luck with it.
  3. Thanks for the help Facepalm...
    I was just ringing a few colleges and they are not open yet... emails sent and I will call again tomorrow!

    Thanks again

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