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PGCE Media interview with CSSD

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by Eloisewl55, Oct 23, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I've been invited for an interview at the CSSD on Nov 3rd and would like to know whether anyone can help with some information and experience as to what the interview consists of? All I've been told is that it's 4 hours long with a group discussion, one on one interview and written tasks. Does anyone know what topics questions will be on?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. ThereAreBunniesInMyHead

    ThereAreBunniesInMyHead Occasional commenter

    I did the PGCE Media course at CSSD a year and a half ago.. The interview day consisted of a tour, a written task where we had to mark a piece of student work and give them written feedback, a computer task where we had to type some stuff up, a group discussion where we all talked together about teaching and what we'd done before, and an individual interview in front of two people from the uni, and they asked us various questions about our background, why we wanted to teach, our experience, what we would do in certain situations etc.. hope this helps! And good luck as well because they only take about 12 people each year. ML White was the course leader when i did it and she's fab. x
  3. Thank you so much for your advice!
    Have you found any work since finishing? I've heard it can be hard to find something and media may even be harder...
  4. Every year since I have been involved (6 years) nearly all the PGCEers have jobs by the end of the course. I have had to try and recruit Media Teachers several times over the last few years (and need to urgently for January again) and really struggle to find decent candidates. Central trainees are the top of my wish list.
  5. ThereAreBunniesInMyHead

    ThereAreBunniesInMyHead Occasional commenter

    The year i did my course, around about 8 of the 13 students had a job by the time we finished the course in June. And many of us even secured our jobs before the Easter holidays in April. The few who didnt either decided that teaching wasnt for them, or lived in rural areas where there are less schools and so less opportunities.. I think there were maybe 2 that ended up doing sub teaching or maternity cover in September whilst they found a more permanent post in the sept - dec term. Qualifying from CSSD certainly seemed to appeal to my employers when I applied to my current post. They were really keen to get a media specialist and not just an "english teacher who does some media".. I think it helped that i had 3 years experience working in the media industry too. But would definately recommend the course.. even though, being based at a "drama" uni, you have to put up with a lot of "luvvie" students!
  6. Hi Eloise,

    I've got my interview next week- I'm thinking I must be the last of the pack if you had yours a month ago! How did you get on? Trying to prepare for it atm, very nervous as I know how oversubscribed it can be with applicants for very few places. I am absolutely desperate to become a media teacher, its what I did my degree in and what all my work experience to date amounts to, and after doing volunteer work at an excellent media department where I did my A level in media studies, it has only confirmed for me my career choice. This course looks to be one of a kind from all my research. As you can tell I am desperate to get on it. Any advice or thoughts on your experience would be really appreciated, I know I'm competition for your place, but hopefully we might both be successful.
    Any thoughts from Ms Media or MediaBecky would be very welcome too [​IMG]

    Thank you

  7. I would suggest doing a little research into the various courses if you haven't already - the specifications for them are on the exam board websites (mainly AQA and OCR for A Levels and GCSEs, but also WJEC for Film Studies and now Media and Edexcel for Creative and Media Diploma). There's also BTECs.
    Be aware of the key concepts - genre, audience, institutions, media language, representation, narrative, ideologies, technologies for the main ones. Look at the resources section on here for examples of teaching resources. There are also samples on the exam board websites and other site such as mediaedu. The BFI also make good teaching guides, though they are a little costly, as are ones from companies such as Auteur.
    Be aware of some of the challenges for the subject - it is often not seen as academic enough (just about reading celebrity magazines and watching Eastenders) so can be a dumping ground for the less able or well behaved in some schools. Some parents may not appreciate it and teachers of other subjects are sometimes a bit put out by students appearing to be having a lot of fun in the corridors and playgrounds with video cameras in lesson time. In some schools, managing equipment can be an issue, especially if it is a one-person team with no technical support from the IT providers because you use Macs. Cameras etc get nicked/broken too so can be costly to replace. Exam boards like students to be as innovative with technology as possible so less technically able/enthusiastic teachers can find this a challenge. Students also sometimes struggle with group work - be aware of this and think how this might be managed to make it successful.
    I use photoshop and final cut most but a familiarity with other software packages such as animation ones and familiarity with online resources such as blogging and website template sites would be a real advantage.
    Be committed to equal opps and inclusion - understand what differentiation means (for SEN, EAL, G&T) and Every Child Matters policy. If asked about this, don't just talk about racial diversity - there are other minority groups that also need to be considered and included. This is key to representation and audience work - you might need to study representation of different groups such as age, gender, ethnicity, ability/disability, sexual orientation, region, class, particularly for the OCR AS Exam.
    For your marking task, mark positively rather than just point out mistakes and clearly, so don't put vague comments like 'good' without stating what specifically is good about it. Aim for 'how to improve' rather than 'where you went wrong'.
    That's all I can think of for now. Good luck! Do let us know how you got on afterwards.
  8. Fantastic advice ms media, thankyou so much for taking some of your free time to write this detailed response. Much more than I had hoped for. Its given me a far greater idea of which pencils to sharpen, and some extra areas of research before the day- which I may not have undertaken, were it not for your thoughtful and helpful comment.
    Will post you with an update soon [​IMG]

    Much appreciated,

  9. Unfortunately I didn't get accepted. I'm apparantly on the waiting list but God knows how many other people are on it. I have an English PGCE interview at London Met this week but don't feel too confident. I think they probably wanted me to have even more experience.
    I thought the interview wasn't that thorough though, we were all asked the same 5 questions in the individual interview and I don't think this is the best way of deciphering who is right for the course because everyone has different experience and knowledge. Nevermind. Atleast it wasn't that stressful because then I would be way more annoyed that I didn't get in.
    How did your interview go? Did you get onto the course?
  10. I'm sorry for you. I just found out that I've missed my chance of doing a GTP next year as the school I applied through missed the deadline, it's a bit hard to swallow.

    I really don't know what I'm going to be doing next year now as I'd pinned all my hopes on the GTP. I may look into applying for PGCE's - could anybody tell me if there's any likelyhood of these still being available for next year? I'm looking into them now but would be grateful to be spared the effort.

    Good luck with the London MET interview Eloise
  11. Hello Eloise,
    Nope didn't get on, and I'm on this long waiting list too, so a positive is you are most likely ahead of me on it. I have an interview at Leicester now, but had a letter this morning saying that due to new information from the TDA that it is now an interview for a place on a waiting list. I feel like it's going to be the waiting list woes for me this year. Very disheartening, but I'm sure we'll both get there, I'm determined not to give up on 2011 entry, but if I have to face another year of waiting and preparing then (I'm not a very lucky person) I'll do it.

    Good Luck with London, let me know how it goes :)


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