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Discussion in 'Media studies' started by ameliaseely, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. I completed my undergraduate degree in History and Film studies this summer and have recently been observing history and media lessons at local schools to me. I've realised that teaching something that I really want to go into and feel passionately about sharing my enthusiasm for these subjects, but I am more inclined to teaching film or media studies at gcse/a-level. However, I have only come across pgce courses in Media Studies or English with Media Studies degrees, which according to the entry requirements I qualify for (studied English up to A-level). I realise that with a pgce in history I would gain QTS enabling me to be qualified to teach film, but I am confused as to which route would be best to go down and what would provide the best job prospects. Most Media studies teachers seem to also be English teachers, if they teach in schools anyway. I'm yet to come across any media and history teachers...

    Anyway, if anyone could advise me with this that would be great. Also if anyone has any experience of the English and Media Studies courses, could you tell me what kind of balance there is of the two subjects? Thanks!
  2. Not really what you are asking but... I am the Head of Media at my school (last year I was an NQT but I had taught for five years overseas and also have an OTT qualification). I did my PGCE in Drama and History but got a job as Media Teacher (my first undergrad qualification is in Media and Drama). At my school Media is aligned with Business and IT, not English. Whilst looking for potential interns I discovered there are only two Media specific course in the UK, Sunderland and London - Central School for Speech and Drama. Good luck.. I love teaching media
  3. I did a media PGCE in The Learning Institute in Cornwall and got a solely Media Studies job in the end. There aren't many out there, but having done a Media PGCE you are more likely to get those jobs. It's a great course and the schools and training you receive are brilliant. Check it out!
  4. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    History is a secure part of the 14-16 E.Bacc (albeit optional with Geography), and Media isn't. The number of Media teaching jobs advertised in TES has plummeted this year. The political right don't like Media Studies - it's the metaphorical asylum seeker of the school curriculum. Cash-strapped schools are assigning staff to shared classes and second (or non-specialist) subjects. I would say keep your subject base broad, use your common sense, and think about what is most likely to gain you employment in the coming years, rather than which subject you personally prefer teaching - you may not have the luxury of choice any more.

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