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PGCE interview

Discussion in 'English' started by coop1989, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. Congratulations! I was in exactly the same position last year.
    I completely agree with the comment about everyone on the course being confident in an 'ill-get-on-with-anyone-way' Just be yourself, and don't be afraid of overpreparing - I had to demonstrate a 10 minute starter session infront of the tutors, but I had copies of the lesson plan that the starter would have led into and the PowerPoint presentation I would have used for the lesson, and lots of material to back up my plan - Remember your lesson/starter/presentation has got to stand out from everybody else's.
    I also found the TDA website really useful - they've got some good practice interview questions from what I can remember?
    As for 'current issues' if you're already looking at the TES then you're probably half-way there anyway!
    Best of luck x
  2. Hi,

    Well done for getting an interview!!!

    I am currently on the English PGCE course and we have been talking a lot about the English baccalaureate and the new governments plans to 'slim down' the English curriculum.
    My best advise would be to be yourself and don't forget to show your personality; there is a wide range of different people on my course who all have different levels of subject knowledge so don't worry if you have any gaps.

    Good luck :)

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