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PGCE interview, York St John

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by han94, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone! I have an interview at York St John for the upper primary PGCE, it's at the end of this month. I am already really nervous about it! Just wondered if there was anyone else in the same boat?
    Thanks, Hana.
  2. I had a BEd interview there a few years ago. Great place! Just enjoy, If you genuinely want to teach they will see this. If you are not from that area, enjoy your time there. It was my second choice.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks fingers crossed!
  4. Hi Emma
    I know that's how I am feeling, the day sounds so intense :-( but I'm keeping my fingers crossed! Are you interviewing for the upper primary course too? I have been doing some revision for the tests and I have realised how much I have forgotten, especially science! I am especially worried about the group task though, sounds awful!
  5. Hey all,
    Ive got an interview beginning of feb at York St John too for pgce primary. So nerve racking! Do you think we will have to do a presentation?
  6. Hi there, i qualified from doing a 4 year course there for upper primary with English. Just relax. If possible, talk about experience with children that you have had whether it was paid or voluntary. This will all work in your favour. I know when i had my interview that the interviewer (who ended up being my academic tutor!) and myself ended up having a laid back conversation about teaching views, the imporance of an adult role in children's lives etc and it didn't seem quite like a formal interview.
    For the group task (if it is similar), we were provided with an object on the table and then a question was generated about it. For example, i think i had a door key and the question was: how would you use this for lessons within school? So many answers could be given for this. You could use it in history to research how old it was (if not modern), what types of houses would have used such a key, you could use it for observational drawing in art, printing, create a story about how it is the key to a magical world for Literacy etc etc etc.
    The main thing that they were looking for in the group task was to see if you may have initiative to start first, waiting your turn to work collaboratively in a group, listening to others, building on answers and your general personality as an individual.
    I can't say whether the PGCE interviews will be exactly the same but just try to be as calm as possible and let yourself shine as you would in the classroom!
    Good luck!
  7. Hi Sarah
    Was it you who was at the interview yesterday? If so im Katie ( the one who thought i was going to cry in the interview). Were you offered a place? Unbelievably I was im absolutely chuffed!! Hopefully I will be seeing you on 1st March for a coffee x
  8. Hi Katie,
    Congratulations on getting a place! I just wondered how long after your interview did you find out that you had a place? I'm still nervously waiting for an answer!

  9. Hi i had my interview yesterday and was told at 4.30 on the same day. When was your interview? Keep on at them, universities have a habit of being useless!! Let me know how you get on. Good luck x x
  10. Oh no! Well I had my inteview on 27th Jan, I had an email a couple of days later saying they were impressed with my performance but due to the government not making a decision on places yet they couldn't give me a firm offer. Since then I haven't heard from them so I'm guessing it's not good news :-(
    I'll let you know when I hear. Congrats again, I really really hope I will be joining you in September!x x
  11. Hey Katie

    I'm really sorry but there was so many names and I don't remember you, Was I sat at lunch with u? Congratulations on getting a place!! I havn't heard anything yet as they said to all the group it would be two weeks before as sorting out government offers. x

  12. Hey Sarah,
    I am in the same position as you, just waiting to hear! I'm glad they said the same thing to you as I was getting worried because Katie said she was told on the same day. Did you apply for upper or lower primary?
  13. Hey Hana

    I applied for upper, how about u ? I think we should all know within the next two coming weeks! Good luck!! It's positive if they emailed u saying they were impressed :) so don't worry about it. Oo I really hope i am selected but competition is high!

  14. Hey Sarah,
    I'm keeping everything crossed I really want to do it! I applied for the upper primary full time, so with any luck we could both be starting together in September :) Let me know when you hear anything and I will too. Good luck!
  15. Hello
    My interview was for the part time course starting in March it was for the last few remaining places. Im guessing yours were for the full time September start so this will be why you havent heard yet!! Fingers crossed for you. x x
  16. Hey Katie
    Ohhh I seeee, phew, I was having kittens then thinking the worst! lol! A very big Congratulations!!! Is your part time spread over two years then? Are you doing upper or lower primary? Thank you, fingers crossed too for everyone!

    Sarah x
  17. Hi
    Im so sorry when i saw your conversation I realised I had got you worried. I met a Sarah on Friday and just thought you may be her. There were only 11 of us at this interview. The course is around 18 months starting in March and graduating at the same time as the full time pgce. Im taking Lower Primary and have lots of things to do before the course starts on 1stMarch. Placements etc. Im so nervous but very excited at the same time cant wait to get stuck in :) Hopefully we will meet in september. Good Luck. Have you rung admissions? They are pretty useless!! It might be worth a call.

  18. Hey
    Not to worry!! Oo busy busy lady! I have had an email from YSJ saying they were impressed with me but can't make me an official offer until numbers are confirmed. I dont know whether thats a conditional offer or they are sending it to everyone! Eeek....
    I really want to get on and then can get preparing like you =). Hana have u heard anything else yet??
  19. Hey Sarah,
    No haven't heard anything else yet. Sounds like we got exactly the same email! Do you think they sent it to everyone? Ah I'm so scared!!

  20. Hey Hana
    I was wondering that too, but my parents don't think so, they think they will have wittled some of the applicants down already. So fingers crossed !!
    I wonder how long it will be before they let us know on gttr track.

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