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PGCE Interview University of Bedfordshire.

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by aridion, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. aridion

    aridion New commenter

    Sarah, I haven't even gotten around to start completing the documentation yet. I will probably start next week. You should give the University a call. I called them this morning about what issues I should research but the admin. couldn't help me. However they should know about something about about the Training profile entry.
  2. Hi Both,
    I had my interview at the University of Bedforshire for Primary PGCE on 12th January. Any help and advice I can give you is fine by me so ask away.
    Still nervously waiting to hear from them. Fingers crossed!
    S x
  3. Hi Julia,
    How long was it till you heard from them about their decision?
    Sarah x
  4. Hi
    JuliaC,I also went for interview in December, but as of yet i haven't heard anything! Just wondered when and how you heard, was it through GTTR or did Bedford email you?I'm a little worried now as don't want to find out late on and have no other options.
    Anyone with there interview to come, i wouldn't worry to much about the tests. When i went they said upto GCSE level, but the most complex was long multiplication. As JuliaC said, current issues are very important, if you look on here there are often quite a few, or The Guardian or Times have some too. You only need one or two but make sure you understand what they are about as they ask questions! The group interview in mine was 12 people and they gave us a topic to discuss. They set around 45 minutes for this part. Finally the individual interview. This lasted around 15 minutes and consisted of 8 questions. They are testing your commitment with these questions and whether teaching is your first choice, play on any experience you have or anything that confirms how much you want to be a teacher.
    Hope this helps, good luck to everyone.

  5. Hi,
    I have my interview in a a weeks time and I am really stressing over the current educational issues. I have looked at all the websites and have come across a few, but I dont know which ones to talk about.
    can anyone give me some advice on which ones to use? I was thinking about the White Paper article. Do you think this is a good idea?
    Or should I be using another one?
  6. Hi
    When i went, i had two in mind. I chose to stear clear of anything related to the white paper as it's massive, lots of points. You could choose one key aspect and mention that.
    For PGCE Primary I used the point of introducing a reading test for 6 year olds. Also about introducing league tables for schools after one year of formal schooling. Two issues were enough for my interviewer.
    I was worried but think it is just to see if you know whats going on! Just make sure you have an opinion on whether it's good/ bad idea.
    Good luck!

  7. Thanks a lot! There are so many that its easy to get swallowed by them all!
    Hope you were succesful!
  8. I think it was about 2 weeks - I got an email saying my status had changed on the GTTR track system. It said unsuccessful and I got the feedback form direct from the university a few days later.
    Regarding current issues, I was asked about inclusion which I think is a hot topic at the moment. As I was stressing out loads with the tests, I didn't read up on this.
    I've a friend who is currently on a PGCE course and she has given me some pointers on other current topics:
    Abolishing SATS in KS2 in favour of teacher assessment
    Raising boys' achievement levels in literacy
    Different teaching styles
    Every child matters policy
    Abolishing the creative curriculum.

    I have been reading up on these but I bet it will turn out I'm not asked about any of them!
    Hope this helps!
  9. Thanks for replying, when was your interview at Bedford? Mine was 8th December and feels like ages ago! I'm hoping I will hear soon either way. I've been checking my emails religiously and GTTR and nothing yet!
    That's always the way, atleast you will be prepared even if you don't need all the info. Every Child Matters and safeguarding definately important.
    Even if you don't use them as issues, you can always show your knowledge within interview or group talks.
    Good luck for your interview.
  10. I am just rechecking my emails and it was actually 10 November I had my interview. I received the GTTR email on 15 November. For people who had their interview in December, I suppose there is the delay of christmas and the holidays, etc. I do recall them saying they were not clear on the exact numbers for the course at that time which might be another reason for the delay.
    I am so hoping I get my second choice next on Thursday. I have applied to the Shire Foundation (if anyone has any experience of this?) I think I must be doing something right on the application form to be getting interviews for my choices but it is just a case of convincing them on the day!
    Hope you all hear soon.
  11. aridion

    aridion New commenter

    Great info. here. Thanks guys.
    My main worry is the current educational issues question at the interview.
    I guess that I have a lot of research to do. What are the best places to get information on these issues apart from TES.

    Thanks in advance,
    And good luck in your PGCE quests.
  12. Finally, I have had an update on my GTTR track. I have a conditional place at Bedford! Now I just have to wait for information on the conditions of the offer.
    Just wondered if any one else had heard anything yet?
  13. rlamb89

    rlamb89 New commenter

    Hey there all! I have applied to Bedfordshire for a Primary PGCE after an unsuccessful attempt with another university. I have now been I have an interview on 11th May which I am SUPER happy about!

    However I can't seem to find any information on the university website regarding the structure of the day. Was hoping that maybe somebody could point me in the right direction?

    Thanks, Rois
  14. Hey there Rois
    I have an interview at Bedfordshire on 23rd March. If you want I will let you know how it goes.
    Do you mean the structure of the interview day ? I had an e-mail from them saying it would consist of :- introductory talk, then literacy and numeracy tests, then collaborative group interview (I have no idea what this will be about!) and lastly the personal interview.
    The whole process should last about 4 hours.
    Lara x
  15. Hi
    What course are you applying for? I had my interview in November for pirmary PGCS so if you have any questions I am happy to answer them if i can!
    Good Luck.
  16. Ignore my previous post, realised you said Primary! The structure of the day is pretty much as others say. It starts with a welcome talk, then you have the literacy and numeracy test. After this we were split into two groups, one group went off for their individual interviews (lasting around 15 minutes), whilst the other group had a group discussion (lasting around 45 minutes).
    Have you applied for General Primary?
    If you have any other questions, I will try and answer them!!
    Good Luck.
  17. Hi Danni - I am applying for Primary (Extended Professional Practice) at Bedford. Is this what you are doing ? If so I would love to hear what the interview was like - especially the numeracy test and the group interview - no idea what to expect from this at all. And the personal questions - anything tricky ? Do they ask you a lot about hot topics ?
    Thanks so much

    Lara x
  18. Yes, that's the course I am doing too.
    This was my first (and last, phew!) PGCE interview and I can honestly say, it was a lot less stressfull than I imagined. I was worried about the level of the tests, however these were simpler than expected. Try doing the QTS tests on line for a refresh, but the actual test is easier than these. The most complicated thing on the one I did was long multiplication, and there were only around 12 questions. The literacy was also jsut reading an extract and picking out information and relating it to teaching.
    For my group discussion there were 12 of us. We all sat around in a circle and then were told the discussion topic. After this they open it up to everyone, people take it in turns (or talk over each other) to get there points across. Is good to bounce off other peoples ideas, or follow on from them. I will say that the topic we had, was not what I had expected...I'm still not convinced we even responded to their question!! My advice here is listen, take an interest in others responses and use your experience to make points, relating to your own experience and the NC.
    Finally, the individual interview, which comprised of 8 questions and only lasted 15 minutes. Read up on current issues and also just be prepared to show them that this is your first choice career and how passionate you are about becoming a teacher!
    Hope I haven't rambled on to much!!
    Really don't worry, it's a really laid back day and every one was really friendly!
  19. Thank you Danni, that's really helpful. Can I just ask if you remember what the topic for the group discussion was - was it a current issue in teaching ? I think this is the part that concerns me most - I imagine everyone will be quite competitive and keen to be heard !
    Well done on getting a place x

    Lara x
  20. I can't remember it exactly, it was an obscure question. On the day, there was a table of blank faces thinking, i don't have a clue what you mean! Well, this was my thought anyway, don't let this put you off!
    Best advise i can give is not to panic when you hear the question. When I heard mine I was thinking, this is it, I don't have a clue. But I just waited for a couple of people to put something out there to check my thoughts were along the same lines. As long as you get your points out there and interact well with people think that's the most important thing.
    It is a little bit intense at the beginning as everyone wants to say something, but within a few minutes that settles down, and it is open ended, so they check everyone has finished before ending the discussion!
    Thanks, I'm glad it's out the way and just have to wait for September to come now.
    Good Luck for yours, am sure you will do great
    Danni x


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