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PGCE interview UEA....please help!!!

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by jo_south_yorks, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. I am on a BA course so it might be slightly different but here is one example at least.
    At one of my interviews the group discussion involved us deciding the order of importance of various people within a school community - children, parents, governors, teachers, teaching assistants, cleaners, dinner staff etc. The written part was to describe our toughest moment and how we overcame it.
    At another interview the group discussion was focused around a statement - along the lines of 'All children should sit boy-girl when in class.' Or something similar. The written task was to describe ourselves and explain what we had to offer the teaching profession.
    Basically, nothing you could prepare for before hand, and nothing particularly relevant to the course (obviously some links but nothing that was vital for us to know before hand if that makes sense?). The group task showed how we worked as a group and how we contributed and listened, and the written task demonstrated our written English and how we would present ourselves on paper. All key skills for becoming a trainee and later a qualified teacher.
    We also had to do a short presentation on the day but we had a brief for this and so could prepare before the day.
    Hope that helps.
    JSY x
  2. Moomin Troll

    Moomin Troll New commenter


    I would like to echo the sentiments above - congratulations on the interview! As for the content, what I would say is just relax and be yourself. I would suggest, the interviewer will be looking for your commitment to train to be a teacher, to teaching and to education as a whole.

    Make sure that you know about the latest changes / innovations in your field (Biology) with regard to the National Curriculum. Also check out: AFL / APP / ECM / PLTS I would suggest. Questions will probably include things like: why do you want to be a teacher? why do you want to train at UEA specifically? why should Biology be taught in the curriculum? what is there to the role of being a teacher that is beyond the classroom? (eg: form tutor / pastoral work / break duty / parents evenings / lesson planning / assessment / annual reports to parents). I would also ask you what you would / will do if you don't get on the course (looking for an answer that includes: respond to the interview feedback / get more experience / spend more time in a school - and most importantly.... apply again next year and not give up!!).

    The written task used may possibly be a recent article / academic paper covering either teaching / education generally or some innovation in Biology, might even be an article about some successfully Biology teaching / lesson - usually you would be asked to either précis it, or write what you think about it - if its the later - do just that.... write your own opinions and state why you think that (don't simply regurgitate the piece unless you are asked to do just that!). Think that's about - oh and good luck!!

    As for me - I too did a PGCE, had 12 years teaching rising to the "heights" of SLT in a large (1,350+ kids) school, and now I'm a senior lecturer and course leader working at a university running a teacher training degree course which I done for the last 3 years - last year alone I interviewed 120(ish) applicants for a place on my course.
  3. I'm attending an interview at UEA the same day as you for Secondary English.
    One of my friends did a successul interview recently at UEA for Primary and she said the written piece was a collection of articles on a similar topic (she had learning outside the classroom). She was asked to summarise them and then write a personal response to the topic. The group discussion as the others have said, will more than likely include a debate on a recent education topic. I was discussing possibles with others and we came up with: role of technology in a classroom, mixed ability/setting in classes, role of citizenship in schools.etc.
    The interview itself will be a case of: why do you want to be a (secondary) (biology) teacher? did you have a particular teacher who influenced you? how important is your subject in the curriculum as a whole? why did you choose UEA? describe the process that lead you decide on teaching as a career etc.
    Hope this helps. Best of luck. And i'll see you there :)
  4. I am also wondering if someone can help me.....
    I have an interview for primary teaching PGCE next week at the Gold Smith University and would appreciate any help of what kind of question to expect. How does the literacy and numeracy test look like?

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