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PGCE Interview - should I talk about my EFL background?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by tdow, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. Hi there, I have been wondering if when I go to my Primary PGCE interview, can I use my EFL experiences / understandings? Can I talk about them in my interview as I am not sure whether this experience is accepted or not.

    Any ideas would be helpful..


  2. Hi tdow. Bit hard to say without knowing what course requirements are and where you have applied. Most places require actual UK classroom experience, and don't accept EFL experience as a replacement of this. However you have got an interview, so your place must be fine with it, or maybe you have classroom experience so your EFL is an added bonus. I would say talk about it. Especially if you may be placed in inner city schools, particularly in London, where many could be EAL pupils, so you can say how you could help them etc. Look at your specific course requirements. But still helping out at local brownies/scouts for example wouldnt be a course requirement, but if you had done that it would still give you valuable skills etc. to talk about. So I don't see why not! Good luck for your interview (and sorry this is probably my most rambly post ever!)
  3. Exactly. The key is to be able to reflect on the relevance of your existing experience, but not to be arrogant and suggest you know everything already. PGCE admissions tutors want trainee teachers who have open minds and are keen to learn. In fact, you will never stop learning throughout your teaching career; you will hopefully become a lifelong reflective practitioner. Anybody, from whatever background, who gives a 'know it all' impression is suggesting they are closed to new learning, and will be rejected.
  4. Thank you for all those ideas. Where would I be without this site?I feel I have to walk a fine line that draws on my EFL experience whilst showing I have an open mind. I also feel that I should be enthusiastic but I don't want to come across as a fake. Does any one have tips for the interview?

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