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PGCE interview next week

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by ArtistS4, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. ArtistS4

    ArtistS4 New commenter

    Hi all,

    I was told just yesterday that I have been invited to an interview at Greenwich next Wednesday. I have been trying to read up about the curriculum (for some time now) but nothing seems to be sinking in at all! Is there anything in particular that you think I should know or be clued up about?

    Thank you,

  2. ArtistS4

    ArtistS4 New commenter

    Sorry, I stupidly forgot to mention that I am hoping to study Art and Design!
  3. Hi there,
    I also have an interview next week for a PDGE course in secondary Art and Design, I was checking to see if anyone had posted anything else aswell.The only help I can give you is to make sure you read up about and know about the Curriculum for Excellence (make sure u know about the four capacities) and how that works in with Art and Design, Co-opperative Learning and Assesment is for Learning. Again how that all links into Art and Design and how it benifits the pupils.... Just in general what Art and Design as a subject brings to pupils and how it benifits them. Erm, I think thats pretty much what I have been doing. If have any other questions im sure I'll be on here before wed.
    Good Luck if not.
    Sharon [​IMG]
  4. Mimii

    Mimii New commenter

    Hello everyone,
    If you need some tips for your interview feel free to check out my thread (its below this one in the forum)
    I know it is about the interview I had at Goldsmiths, but it should give you some useful tips (I have been to Greenwich for Art PGCE interview 2 years ago, and they ran similarly to Goldsmiths) I got rejected as I didn't have enough school experience (only 2 weeks worth!) But have been working in my school for 2 years now and just got accepted onto Goldsmiths :)
    From what I remember about Greenwich, they do the group interview part, asking you to introduce yourself and your work. The differences between Greenwich and Goldsmiths is that Greenwich will also ask you to do a written section, and you get a one-to-one interview too.
    Anyway, hope I have helped a little - good luck!
    Mimi P

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