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PGCE Interview - lesson plan?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by xrachxx, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. xrachxx

    xrachxx New commenter

    I think its a good idea, someone at my interview bought a lesson plan with them to go with their presentation and it seemed to go down well with the interviewers. They can't expect it to be perfect as you are applying for a PGCE to learn how to create lesson plans, but it can show them that you have seriously thought about what needs to go into the lesson. Its also a good way of summing up your lesson and reminding them of your presentation when they are deciding on places. Good luck :)
  2. Thank you xrachxx. I don't have to do a presentation as such, just discuss how i would teach a Shakespeare play of my choice, and also a language or literacy topic. I think it will be useful to talk around. It is tomorrow so i'll let you know how i get on.
  3. I think thats a great idea, shows you have put extra thought and effort in, I would say do anything to make you stand out and be remembered!

    Good luck
  4. I think the lesson plan went down well as I've been offered a place! I left the interview feeling a little disheartened but after a 2 week wait I'm on. Thanks for your reply!

    To anyone reading this who hasn't been successful....don't give up! It was third time lucky for me!
  5. xrachxx

    xrachxx New commenter


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