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PGCE interview in MFL

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by emzerkate, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Hi there,
    So I've got my PGCE interview for University of Reading in a few weeks for secondary MFL teaching entry in September 2011. I'm just wondering if anyone has had a similar interview with Reading and if so what to expect.
    I have plenty of experience working in secondary schools, however am a little worried about my subject knowlege as Im not a native speaker of the languages.
    Any help would be great as I dont know where to start with all this 'preparation'.
  2. westnab

    westnab New commenter

    No idea about Reading, but not being a native speaker is hardly a drawback. Most MFL staff are not native speakers. So long as you are fluent in your main language and pretty fluent in your second/third language(s), you'll be fine. In my interview I think I was asked GCSE style questions and it's similar when you go for job interviews, although some schools will test you more thoroughly in your main language if you want to teach A-level.
    Good Luck.

  3. Thanks for that, i'll have a look at the curriculm style questions for GCSE and A level just to make sure Im up to scratch.

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