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pgce interview eeep

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Albert-Einstein, Dec 20, 2010.

  1. Albert-Einstein

    Albert-Einstein New commenter

    Practice way ahead and present to friends and discuss key issues in your subject and in education.

    Google PGCE essays etc I had to write about a new issue affecting education etc or how to bring new ideas into the class room.

    Prepare now and you will be fine and enjoy it!
  2. thanks :)

    But how do I find relevant educational issues?

    And I'm still struggling with what to choose for the presentation topic (a favourite pastime, a person I admire or a thing of which I am particularly proud). I realise the topic itself isn't too important, it's more about how I deliver the presentation but if I do a presentation about my interest of filmmaking and go over how I studied film sudies at college and film production at uni and how this ties in with my desire to teach film and media studies, will this be enough for 5 minutes?
  3. OK, I've decided on my topic and presenation is almost complete ;D I'll be discussing a short film I made as a personal project in my final year of uni.

    I've timed it and 5 minutes will be just fine for this..

    I was wondering how other people are doing their presentations? I've done mine using powerpoint and have a couple of video clips. I want to take my laptop (apple) and was told this is find but they couldn't tell me what connection there will be for hooking it up to the projector etc or if there even will be a projector.

    How are other people tackling this issue?

    What last minute education related issues can I look at?

    Majorly freaking out at the moment :S

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