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PGCE Interview changed to STOP on GTTR

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by Bodegabuttons, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. No it doesn't mean that the course is full. 'Stop' is used by the GTTR to say that the University has asked the GTTR for more time to consider your application.
  2. On the GTTR website it says this:
    <h2>There is a 'stop' decision for one of my choices. What does this mean?</h2>
    It means that the training provider has asked for more than the
    permitted time to consider your application. We send you a letter to
    provide more information, but you may also wish to contact the training
    provider to discuss your position.

    You can give this training provider as long as you wish to consider
    your application, but if you want us to send your application to
    another training provider, please call our Customer Service Unit on
    0871 468 0 469 (or 0044 871 468 0 469 from outside the UK). Calls from
    UK BT landlines will cost no more than nine pence per minute. The cost
    of calls from mobiles and other networks may vary.

    You can see this on this website here:

  3. Oh I see thanks for that. Bit strange as they had already given me an interview date for next week. Not sure whether to keep preparing for interview or concentrate on finishing my degree work! Thanks for your reply I will keep my fingers crossed that my track changes again!
  4. Good luck. I think the GTTR should change their wording because 'stop' really does sound like the course is full.
  5. Thank you. It is confusing. In fact nothing about this application has been straightforward. All the comments on here seem to be fairly negative. Will contact the uni on Monday and see if they can make it any clearer. Fingers crossed its just a delay but I think it may be because they have too many applications and my interview is quite late. Thanks for your advice.
  6. 'Stop' does not mean the course is full, it means the Uni need more time for your application. Basically with the tda only announcing allocations recently the universities havent had enough time and 'stop' gives them some leeway. Mines been stop ever since my interview, the majority of people I've spoke to are in the same boat.
  7. Thanks its good to know I'm not the only one in this situation. I haven't had my PGCE interview yet but was all set for next week and now don't know where I stand. I have had an interview for SCITT which I think went well so hopefully I will be successful on that. Hope you hear something soon and that you get on the course. Its all a bit confusing this year! So fingers crossed for all of us.
  8. Just thought I'd let people know that if u have stop put on your GTTR status...please ring the university to check details. I had interview date on my GTTR for a few weeks then this changed to stop which I thought meant my interview was at least postponed. After hearing nothing from the university I rang them and they confirmed that my interview is still going ahead on the same date. So glad I rang them as I wouldn't have gone as I really thought it was cancelled.
  9. I have had my interview 2nd December and the University has put my application on stop, which i asked them to do as I did not want the GTTR to time out my application and automatically move it on, when I may have a chance of getiing in.
    I rang the GTTR, and because my application is on STOP it means the university does not have to make a decision as to whether i have a place or not by 28th Feb. The GTTR deeadline does not apply, so this means I could be waiting to hear for a much longer period of time.
    On a positive note, by keeping my application they must be interested.Just which I could know, would love to be able to make future plans, get my books- start reading now etc...
    good luck everyone

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