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PGCE interview - biology MMU...HELP

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by lesley_aec, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I have an interview on Wednesday at Manchester Met for my PGCE - secondary biology with science, can anyone give me any tips or pointers?
    Thanks [​IMG]
  2. Hi,
    I have an interview on Wednesday at Manchester Met for my PGCE - secondary biology with science, can anyone give me any tips or pointers?
    Thanks [​IMG]
  3. I think I had my interview on a wednesday and I found out the week after on the friday so about ten days..Well I was told i would be offered a place in the interview although he said he shouldnt have done that lol...but they have to send it all to admin and get it processed on the GTTR..It was the longest wait of my life haha

    Cant Wait. Is your interview tomorrow? Let me know how it goes :D Best of luck
  4. Just checked, I was waiting 5 days for the gttr offer not ten, still felt like longer haha
  5. Well its over and done with now! Your advice was sooooo helpful, they asked me about circuits, seasons, periodic table, Describing an atom, a compound and mixture, digestion and evolution! I was asked about two girls chatting and being disruptive, differences between boys and girls, inclusion and the iceberg question, so i was well prepared thanks to you :)
    I had a woman interview me, she was lovely and it was more like a general discussion between the two of us!
    I will hear after the easter holidays so probably next week,

    Thanku again for your help
  6. Your totally welcome! Im happy to help...Yes I suppose it was more of a general chat...they didnt ask questions so much as raised a topic for conversation....I must admit its a very easy interview when you consider a lot of other places make you do presentations and all sorts!!! How many people were at the interview, I was the only biology person on mine!!
    GOOD LUCK with the response...im all excited for you....
  7. There were four all together, two for chemistry, one for physics and me for bio, just realised how unfair it is that physics get a bursary of £20k when we are all doing the same course and we all have to teach the same things throughout the course and need an equal knowledge of each subject and biology only get a bursary of 5k :-/
    Are you from manchester or moving there?
  8. I know its ridiculous how much extra they get...
    They offered me the option to convert to physics and go on a sixth month course the day after the interview all payed for but Im working at the moment so I couldnt just drop it all but Bio is my passion anyway so im not too fussed
    I am from manchester but I live in leeds at the moment...so I moving back down to the area in august :D
    Im so excited they sent me the reading list a few weeks ago and they also expect everyone to do a 500 word mini essay about teaching lol what about you? Where about do you live?
  9. I work full time in a DNA lab so biology is my passion too :) and live in belfast so will have to relocate if i get a place and sell or rent my house out over here!
    Wheres the best place to live in manchester, they reccommend not to live nearthe uni as the placement you get will probably be a bit of a journey!
    Cant believe they are giving work to do over the summer! I suppose it will help come september though! Cant believe your excited already, geek! Haha!
  10. the work is only 500 words so its not really an issue
    Ive just bought an apartment in south greater manchester. There is no point in moving to didsbury where the campus is because there's only a few weeks of the course when your there full time.

    Will you have a car with you? its hard to suggest where to live really, if youve got a car you could consider living on the outskirts near the m60 motorway so maybe consider places like stockport or sale somehwere with good links into manchester and to the uni but also good for the motorway in case the placement is far away
  11. I think ill wait to make sure i get a place before i start looking to move lol!
    Will let you know what happens, hopefully hear by next week :) fingers crossed!
  12. I got in!!! :) yaaay!! Looks like ill be seeing you in september!
  13. OMG!!!! YAY....well done!!! go you...lets be bestest friends HAHAHA...
  14. Are you on twitter?

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