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PGCE interview at Swansea Metropolitan University Wales

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by foxyjohn, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Hey everyone, I have just had a letter confirming my interview at Swansea Met in 2 weeks!! I really don't know what to expect, I've heard its quite intense!

    If there's anyone here who's gone through it, whats it like?

  2. Hey, PGCE in Primary or Secondary? I have my interview next week for Primary. Not sure what to expect either.
  3. hello! I was at the swansea interview on 14th dec for primary pgce. I know they said we would have up to a 2 week wait, but I hope we hear sooner than that![​IMG]
  4. Hey, I hope we hear soon!! I keep checking track to see if anything has been updated! I'm on edge lol
  5. yeah im really edgy too, I just want to know now! Goodluck everyone [​IMG]
  6. Hey, hope you had a great Christmas! Has anyone heard anything yet??
  7. Hi Loz321,
    Apparently GTTR are closed for the holidays until the 2nd Jan (thats what it says on the website), so I figured we prob wont hear anything until at least then :( grr x
  8. Thanks for letting me know Munkypaws :) argh can't wait much longer, I am losing sleep lol. Good luck! x
  9. Thats ok :) have a lovely new year, the stress will be over soon :) Im losing sleep as well argh. roll on next week when we will hopefully find out!! good luck to you too [​IMG] x
  10. Hey,
    I was at the interview too, has anyone heard yet? The wait is killing me x
  11. The wait is killing me!! When are we going to hear? They are doing more interviews tomorrow so hopefully it won't be too long!!
  12. I know same here, when they said a few weeks I wasn't expecting it to be 4 weeks or more :(.

    I would of thought we would hear back this week then, I wonder if it makes a difference that we were interviewed first.
  13. Hey,

    I got my unconditional offer today :) so relieved :) goodluck to everyone :)

  14. I got my offer today too, so excited now!! Roll on September!!!
  15. Hi, I have my interview for Secondary English on 16th Feb at Swansea Met - any tips?
  16. Hi,
    I went through the primary interview process at swansea met, but I should imagine that if you get up-to-date knowledge of key issues in education at the moment, show enthusiasm for your subject, show the interviewers that you understand how much work and dedication is involved and relate back to your experiences then you stand a really good chance.
    Goodluck :)

  17. Hi,
    I have my PGCE primary interview on Wed at Swansea Met and I am stressing out over the teaching episode as I have no idea whether I have done it right. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  18. Hi,

    Good luck for your interview on Wednesday. When I had my interview in January, I had to do my teaching episode for the two ladies who interviewed me. I did Sign Language and the best bit of advise I can give is be yourself, communicate clearly, relax and enjoy it (well as much as you can). What are you planning on doing?

    : )
  19. Hi, I have also recently been offered an interview at Swansea Met for next week and was just wondering how yours went and whether you had any tips or advice?
    Thanks, Sophie

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