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PGCE interview at Oxford University (French)

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by pngbob, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. Hi,
    I have been invited to Oxford uni next week for a PGCE interview for French at secondary level. I know that there will be two written tasks and that part of the interview will be in French. Has anyone had an interview at Oxford? Could you give me some advice please?
  2. Before the interview I was given a written task to do which lasted 45 minutes. There was an article about language teaching which was in English and I had to respond to it in French or Spanish. The second task was a question - why do you want to be a teacher? which you need to answer in your other language. Focus on grammatical accuracy. The interview itself was quite straightforward - make sure you've observed some MFL lessons in a secondary school because you will be asked to discuss this. Most of the interview was in English and they asked me about me time abroad in France in French and my time abroad in Spain in Spanish.
    Hope this helps!
  3. :) I actually got this message after my interview but yes, this was exactly how mine was too. I got in!! Very happy! Thank you so much for writing this, even though I got it late.
  4. I was given a task with a number of parts, one was to correct a piece of writing done by a GCSE student, to write a commentary, and then some feedback to the student, another was to write in my first language why i wanted to teach languages in british schools, and then in my second language, to write about why it's important for teenagers to learn other languages. quite a few questions at the interview, which i can't really remember, but one that seems to have stuck, what lesson would I teach to a particular level, for which I guess you would need knowledge of the curriculum... questions in my languages were to do with the cultural aspects of teaching languages, and with my year abroad / time in france

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