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PGCE Interview at Northumbria

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by MissHannahMagpie, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Hey, I've got an interview for the Art and Design PGCE at Northumbria and wondered if anyone had any advice/ been on the course themselves/ have or had an interview themselves?
    The 10 min presentation on your own art work has to show progression and process and drawing skills. My degree work shows process and progression but no drawing. My Foundation and A level have drawing pieces (mono prints) but they don't exactly fit with my degree work. Any suggestions?
    They also ask to make the presentation interactive. I was thinking about doing a quick demonstration using dental alginate to cast a student's hand. However, I wouldn't have time to make the actual cast, only the mould, would it be kind of pointless? And could it be a health and safety risk in case of an allergic reaction?
  2. Hi,
    I had three PGCE interviews due to the funding cuts.
    I would advice that you take to wide variety of work, don't stick to one theme, they want to see that you can bring many different skills to the classroom. also, remember it doesn't have to be your 'best' work, take examples of plans for sculptures etc.
    could i advice to 10min drawing exercise for your interview? have a selection of objects, paper and pencils and ask the other candidates to draw it with the hand they don't normally use, whilst linking into their partner, without taking the hand of the page, etc, remind them to look at the object and not to press to hard with their pencils, etc. its something i use in school to 'loosen' pupils up and help them enjoy drawing, value mistakes and relax. have a timer and tight timing showing that you are organised and control a situation....

    hope that helps!

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