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pgce interview at london metropolitan

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by mubaraka, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. i hv got an interview on 1st. march n m a little nervous n confused. Anyone who can help me out please? i m not sure abt what article to take with me as it says: The oral interview will be in groups. Candidates will be expected to demonstrate understanding children's learning and the role of teachers and awareness of current issues relating to primary/early years education in the U.K.
    Candidates' discussion of current educational issues should be referenced to reading and research.They are therefore, required to bring an article in support of any issue you may wish to raise in the interview.
    Has anyone had an interview at this uni? how was the experience??
    Please help!!
  2. thnks so much for your reply. really helpful. hv been going through the tes but am still not able to find something really good to talk about. Ofsted is very much in the news so would probably go with it. Wht do u think?
  3. Oh and wht about the essay then? What topic? Do we choose or do they tell us what to write on?
  4. You get to choose what to write about.
    For the group interview just chose anything, absolutely anything, it can be an article from newspaper, online, the TES, as long as it relates to education and is fairly recent then it will count. The most important thing is that you can talk about it and consider both sides of an argument. The interviewees on my group interview all brought in very different articles but no-one was told their one was wrong or anything, whatever you bring you just need to show you have considered the issue and any implications. Of course you can talk about Ofsted but you need to consider what you want to say- have you chosen an article?
  5. hmmm not yet. but thanks so much for all the tips tht u hv given me so far. I was thinking of talking abt this article i found in the tes magazine. It is about getting children to talk more than focussing only on writing skills. The headline says "It is time to stop paying lip service" - Oracy is going to be given much greater importance in the new national curriculum - so wht can teachers do? - I think this is quite an interesting article. r u registered with the tes? This article is in the 17th feb2012 mag. R u a student as well or already a teacher? Sorry to ask u this! Wht do u think of this article then? Can I write about this article as my english essay also?
  6. hello
    was just wondering if anyone has heard anything from london metropolitan university regarding the interview on 1st. march 2012 for pirmary pgce!! hv called them up several times but they say the application is with the tutors and will let me know asap. dont know when though! please cld anyone let me know if they hhv got a reply already or even got a place in the university,
  7. Have you had a response yet? I had my interview on March 14 and was told that we'd hear in 10 days but still nothing on GTTR.

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