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PGCE Interview at Brunel

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by assmahussain, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Hiya i hope you are all well.
    I have an interview next week at Brunel for the Primary PGCE.
    I am worried about the maths test, although i passed my GCSE maths, how hard is it really?
    Any advice/ tips please
    Much appreciated :)
  2. I'm pleased to hear you have an interview.
    I think you probably want to post this in the primary forum - everyone who hangs around here finds the "maths test" (i presume you mean QTS numeracy test) easy.
    Also bear in mind that you will be teaching some form of maths every day, so if you doubt your ability to pass the test are you serving the kids you'll be teaching well?
    Good luck with the interview and start learning maths - you'll need it!

  3. This easy/hard.

    Best to know it won't be a problem for you before you start your PGCE.
  4. That's an interesting document. Some of the "Further Help" advice after each question isn't particularly helpful. Expressing 6 out 25 as a percentage? Do 100 x 6 / 25.
  5. I will probably get hammered for my response but I feel it's important.
    If you are not confident in your maths, IMO, you should not be applying to teach kids until it is.
    Too many poorly equipped teachers who struggled through GCSEs and scraped English and Maths then go on to stumble through x number of QTS tests in an attempt to do a job they shouldnt be doing. All applicants IMO should have a strong understanding of the basics of numeracy and maths well before applying.
    Heck, primary teachers shape the numeracy and literacy of kids and all IMO, should display a CURRENT knowledge that far exceeds C grade Maths and English.

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