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PGCE Independent Schools Scotland

Discussion in 'Independent' started by zsmgreen, Aug 3, 2011.

  1. Dear Theo,

    I'm doing my Independent PGCE this September with the University of Buckingham. Could you tell me a) whether or not one requires a PGCE to teach at Scottish independent schools these days b) whether it can be an Independent PGCE or if it has to be the whole shebang c) whether or not it's true that Scotland does not recognize PGCEs from the University of Buckingham.

    Many thanks for your help,

  2. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    I stand to be corrected on this, but as far as I'm aware there is no requirement for a teaching qualification to teach in the independent sector in Scotland, as elsewhere. You will probably need to be registered with the GTCS, and a PGCE (or QTS) will probably help your application.
    I would imagine that the Buckingham PGCE would be particularly welcomed, since it was developed in association with the HMC.
  3. I started working at a Scottish independent school in January without PGCE, and am joining the Buckingham intake this year with the full and enthusiastic support of my headmaster. I know of others in Scottish prep schools who have gone through this exact process, so I would assume coming up here with the independent PGCE under your belt would be perfectly fine. Nice to see another course member :)
  4. Esim, could you tell me what subject you will be doing your Independent PGCE in?

    The course has particularly caught my interest as I teach an unusual subject: English as an Additional Language (also known as EFL/ESL/ESOL). As this subject does not exist in state schools it is very difficult to find PGCE courses in it. As a result Buckingham's statement that "The PGCE is offered to teachers in all subjects and all level" has really excited me. Unfortunately attempts to contact the university by e-mail and phone have failed so I'm hoping you might be able to help! Could you also tell me about fees, the level of contact you're expecting, etc?
  5. Of course- I'm teaching English up to Common Entrance, so quite a normal subject, sorry I can't advise about EAL (I am CELTA-qualified but we don't have EAL needs in my school, so I've no current responsibilities in this area). It would seem that as long as you could enlist an appropriate mentor at your school it could be possible?
    Course involves 3x visits to the university (3 days each) and 3x tutor visits to your school. Constant involvement with your school-based mentor. I'm assuming the university tutor will be quite 'contactable' along the way.
    The fees are listed on their finance page: http://www.buckingham.ac.uk/admissions/fees/postgraduate/home2012 - the school is charged rather than the individual; it would be up to you and your employer to decide how that is worked out.
    I don't have any further contact details to the ones listed on the course page, but other than the application process, most of the communication has occurred via my mentor (who is my assistant head) - perhaps if your head or the person with responsiblity for CPD in your school was supportive of your plan to do the course, they could attempt to send an email or make a call? It takes a lot of commitment on the part of your school, so perhaps the uni prefers to hear from the people who'd guide you. Not sure, but good luck!
  6. I did eventually hear back from them! They do offer the Independent PGCE for EAL teachers (good news), but I will have to wait until Sept 2012 (disappointing news).

    At least I now have time to weigh up whether I would rather do Cambridge ESOL's DELTA or the Independent PGCE - I think I'll make a 'Dear Theo...' now to get his opinion - I would appreciate your feedback as well, esim, as you are familiar with both EFL and independent schools.

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