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PGCE in Primary

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by bridilicious, Aug 14, 2015.

  1. Hi, I have an interview for the PGCE in Primary Teaching. I wonder if anyone has any tips on relevant topics with regard to the Primary Sector in England. I'm from Ireland so I'm not sure about any prevalent issues or topics currently going on. Thanks in advance :)
  2. MissJG24

    MissJG24 New commenter

    Take a look here as there will be a good few relevant articles for you to choose from


    For my interview, I spoke about class sizes and the benefits of smaller classes and the potential change in sizes in the future. I also linked that to my relevant school experience, and how the class size in the school I was in relatively small (only about 20 in each class) and what I learnt from that.

    I brought a guardian article with me and my interviewer was impressed with that.

    I spoke about another issue too, but I can't remember what it was, my interview was in February! But good luck :)
  3. Thanks MissJG24

    Appreciate it :)

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