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PGCE ICT Anyone?

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by kimberlie, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Any got an interview for an ICT PGCE?
    I have mine on Thursday at Edge Hill and I am soo nervous!
    Been looking up as much information as possible but I still feel so unprepared.
  2. Hi Kimberlie
    How did the interview go? I have got one in March for the PGCE ICT at Edge Hill and I am feeling sick already! Have you got any tips you could share with me please? I'm a bit worried because it's 14 years since I left Uni and so it's ages since I did anything like this! Did the interviews take all day?
  3. I had an interview last week for an ICT SCITT. I have been offered a place. We had to do a 10 min presentation to a class of year 10 students. Then I was asked some ICT/Curr related questions, which were not as bad as I thought they would be. Then some general questions what makes a good teachers etc. Then finally I was given an article on ICT in the classroom to do a crictical review of.
    I was so scared before the day, but I spent alot of time preparing and when I got there it was not as bad as I had built it up to be.
    Good luck to you all, I have an interview for a GTP next week, so I will go through all that again.

  4. ICT PGCE at Huddersfield for me. Anyone else out there going for the same course?
    I have an interview on 1st March, feeling nervous. How have you all prepared? What sort of things should I be looking over? I have to write an opinion on a statement about ICT and have been reading the TES. Should I be looking at specific classroom lesson content?
  5. bump.
  6. I was given an article called 'The bigger picture' instant access to a visual world.The task was to write my opinion on the article and reflect how it ouwld affect my teaching, planning, lessons and schooling ( I think). I had an unlimited time to complete, and the interviewer said that it was just to check I was able to write in english. This was one of the parts I was most worried about. I have since recieved the call to say I have a place... Woo hoo

    I hope that this helps.
    Good luck
  7. Where you offered a place at Edge Hill?

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