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pgce history

Discussion in 'History' started by Debs7604, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Hello everyone
    I have been invited to an interview with the University of Bristol to study History PGCE, which im really excited about but I was wondering if anyone had any advice or even experience they could share with me. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks [​IMG]

  2. katnoodle

    katnoodle New commenter

    We'd love to help, but can you be more specific? Is it just interview advice they're after? What have they asked you to prepare?
  3. forgot to add, if anyone has any suggestions of somewhere cheap and cheerful to stay for one night near the uni of Bristol please comment. Being from N.Ireland im going to head over the day before the interview and stay. thanks.
  4. Hi there,

    I just had an interview for the History PGCE at Bristol yesterday - maybe you were on the same day as me? If not, same week presumably. How did you feel yours went, if you've had it yet?

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