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PGCE History - Research assignment

Discussion in 'History' started by pingu707, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Hi, We have been given a research assignment to complete on anything that relates to History teaching i.e. the use of audio visual or ICT but I really have no idea what to do! Before Xmas we need to compile a Lit review for it then after Xmas in our 2nd placement we are supposed to conduct our research! Just wondering if anyone had any ideas?

  2. McCahey

    McCahey New commenter

    This seems quite an open brief and so I don't know if the following are of any use. I have a Masters in history and absolutely love the subject,
    1. HORRIBLE HISTROIES although I have a few gripes about the series, I have seen this really switch kids on to history. Could you research influence or contribution to understanding? Perhaps kids could do a 'Horrible Histories' style of presentation and video this?

    2. LIVING HISTORY DAY Consider how re-enactments contribute to understanding/ knowledge. Either through groups coming to schools or trips out. Possibly a themed day in school?

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