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PGCE History Interview - Any advice needed!!

Discussion in 'History' started by Sally1418, Dec 2, 2010.

  1. Sally1418

    Sally1418 New commenter

    I have my PGCE interview next week for secondary school history. Firstly, I have to complete a written task of 250-300 words which will be related to the education field, does anyone know what kind of questions/what this will involve? I have gone through some sample inteview questions and feel confident with this.

    I also have to deliver a presentation for 3-4 minutues on what is my approach to motivating pupils to learn. I can make use of the whiteboard for this, just wondering if anyone has any advice how to go about this and what to include?

    Also, I was wondering how you find out about the national curriculum for history, I have read up online about it, will this be enough though? How do I find out about what subjects I need to know about?

    Any help or advice would be kindly appreciated, I will let you all know how it goes after a week today and give any tips to people from my experience in the interview!! Thanks in advance!
  2. katnoodle

    katnoodle New commenter

    Firstly well done for getting to interview stage! I'm doing my History PGCE at the moment so I hope this is helpful.
    I had a similar written task which turned out to be writing about the values, benefits and potential problems with school trips. We were told that the task was more about seeing how we cope with an academic-style question than the actual content of the task.
    In your presentation, don't forget to mention how you can make history accessible to SEN / lower ability pupils. Think about providing a wide range of resources and differentiating well, e.g. using storyboards to explain key concepts as an alternative to a lot of text, and providing writing frames for written tasks. For motivation, setting challenging learning objectives and providing personalised learning activities are important.
    On the National Curriculum site, you should find all the necessary content for the Key Stage 3 curriculum, which isn't particularly prescriptive, so make yourself a summary of the main points and keep this in mind. The Key Concepts are probably more important, they certainly have been for me on my course so far: Continuity and Change, Chronology, Causation, Diversity, Interpretation and Significance.
    Also remember to be yourself! Don't panic, think positive. Good luck!
  3. Sally1418

    Sally1418 New commenter

    Thank you very much for taking time to give me advice for my PGCE application, you advice contains some useful ideas which I will use for my presentation. I have been on the National Curriculum website and have found this useful so will make summary notes for this. Thank you again.
  4. Katnoodle - as another History PGCE applicant can I also add my thanks for that post! I'm going through exactly the same process as my interview is next week, so I'm swotting up on the curriculum and trying to gauge what the written part will be. Thanks!
  5. I am equally applying for a pgce History for next year! thank you very much for these messages! I have been short listed for an interview too in a few weeks. I am not asked to do the same things as you are but it's still helpful to think about all of these questions!
    I was looking for some help as one of the questions I will be asked in the interview is: if I was to construct a whole term around one individual who would it be?
    i've been finding it very hard to decide on one person. Could I build a whole term around Gandhi and the fall of the british empire. Or should I stick with Churchill who has a very long career and could cover a whoel period?
    Thank you for your help!
  6. Oh don't do Churchill...so boring! I like your Gandhi idea about the empire but you could also try some more 'unusual' ones. There has been some interesting work done by SHP people on Duleep Singh recently who was a Maharajah who then moved to Britain and shows a lot of interesting stuff about relationships with the British Empire. This is a website about him...

    If you could get hold of a copy of SHP year 9 book there are some interesting teaching ideas...

    Or you could think about someone like King John to teach kinship, baronial power, church power etc etc

    I think the best idea might be to think about it backwards...what themes are you interested in and then who might help you to teach these in an interesting way.

  7. Thank you for your help!
    I was also thinking of doing someone a bit more unusual, but i would be scared I couldn't build a whole terms work round someone if he has too much of a particular role.
    I think my problem is that i'm not sure how much you get covered in a term?

    for exemple I thought of building a WWI course around Edith Cavell...is it possible to construct a whole term around her or is it too specific? (I was thinking it could be interesting to chose a women)

    I think you are right, I should stick to a period and then find someone to illustrate.

    thanks again!
  8. How about Mary Queen of Scots? Exciting story and could teach Catholics/Protestants, Tudors, Spain etc etc she has a finger in most pies at the time! In a term I would say to think about maybe an average on an 1 1/2 hours a week so you can cover quite a lot but I don't think they will be worried about how you would time it in detail but what your thinking is like and who you choose which is why it's important to be different and creative :)
  9. I'll have a think about Mary Queen of Scots, but I has sort of made my mind up to do 2Oth century world, so I could link the subject to the news today...I've also thought about doing Emmeline Pankhurst
    Its so helpful to be able to speak to someone about this, thank you for your answers! :)
  10. I'm not trying to push Mary Queen of Scots (not really my period but kids do love it!) but you could link it to today by talking about what people are prepared to do for religion. In my experience kids are really surprised that Christians (both Catholics and Protestants) were prepared to go so far during the Tudor period although they are accepting of Islamic extremism today. I like the Pankhurst idea which you could link to protest or something like Lenin about Russian Revolution and people power in Middle East...glad I am being vaguely useful anyway :)
  11. That does sound interesting! there's so much to teach, I really hope I'll get on this course, all this research has got me even more excited about teaching history!
    I'm going to stick with Emmeline Pankhurst, so I have a week to prepare :)
    I think it's an intersting topic and can cover quite a lot!
    You've been of great help! I'm living abroad and never did any of my education in England, so it's all a bit new to me..
    So it's great to be able to talk about it
  12. Emmeline Pankhurst would fit into year 9, unit 16: The franchise?
    So I could also talk about the status of women during the victorian era, up to WWI and also the russian revolution....Would that cover a term?
    as the question wsa "If you were going to construct a whole term's work at key stage 3 round the life of a single individual, who would you choose and why?
  13. You could also look at the impact of the First World War on life in England with women working and gaining the vote in 1918. I'd probably stick with Britain for this rather than the Russian Revolution as well as you might muddy the water. I think Pankhurst is a brilliant one to do. Have a look for teaching ideas on www.schoolhistory.co.uk
  14. Hi!
    It sounds like I have to do the same sort of thing as you in my interview for a PGCE in History. Just wondering what it went like and what sort of things they asked?
    Your help would be much appreciated :)
  15. hi!
    it's next week!
    i'll let you know! have you chosen an individual to talk about?
    good luck
  16. Hi sinv,

    Hope your planning is going well, where are you going for your interview by the way? :)

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