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PGCE General Primary help - Uni of Cumbria

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by xxkatie-jaynexx, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I have an interview for the General Primary course at the University of Cumbria, coming up on 22nd Feb.
    I am so nervous, and was just wondering if anyone could help me out with the literacy task. It says that we have to write for 40 minutes about it, but I have no idea what is expected of me, what am I supposed to discuss?
    Very nervous right now! Any help would be greatly appriciated!

  2. Hi Katie-Jayne
    I've posted some advice under the other Uni of Cumbria thread regarding the literacy task and a few other things. If you want any more advice I'd be more than happy to help!
  3. The question was something along the lines of critically discuss the role of reflection in higher education referring to your own experiences. It was a very open question and I was in no way prepared for it so I just put together a simple essay structure and wrote what I could. It was not much of an arguement i only wrote 2 pages but this task is mainly to check grammar spelling etc so I would not worry so much!!I think the main area to shine is your interview show them your enthusiasm and knowledge, and another tip dont let people talk over you all the time in the group task and end up not taking part, one girl did this during mine and i politely interupted her at every opportunity, and made sure i made some good points but another girl didnt say anything at all!!! anyway good luck try to stay calm its no where near as bad as you think!!![​IMG]

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