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PGCE GCSE maths and English equivalency tests

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by bookeeworm7, Aug 28, 2020.

  1. bookeeworm7

    bookeeworm7 New commenter

    Hi everyone I’m a little confused I’ve applied for PGCE computer science and I’ve received a offer(conditional) because my childcare NVQ 3 and diploma level and level 2 have not been accepted as equivalent to GCSE maths and english even though in order to pass the childcare NVQ3 and diploma level 3 I had to sit a GCSE maths and english. During my uni interview my tutor inform me that I can do the tests with them in September 2020 but so far no one has replied to my last emails regarding the issues. On the DfE site it says that due to the pandemic students have been given until November 2020 to supply their equivalencies but can start in September 2020. The problem is I do not know if student finance will help financially until then because I can’t afford wait until then as I have to put my little in a nursery in September. My other question is will I be able to the tests online as my uni has informed us all lessons will be done online until November that’s when we go on placement. Sorry for the long thread I’m trying to get everything sorted as soon possible and get as much clarity to. Thank you.
  2. Chesters8

    Chesters8 New commenter

    If you have taken GCSE English and Maths you will have certificates for those. If you have misplaced those certificates you should be able to contact the centre where you took the exams or the exam board to get replacements.
    If you are doing a PGCE in computer science you presumably have a degree in computer science and I would have thought needed a higher level of maths to get on the degree course so could claim equivalency from that.
  3. bookeeworm7

    bookeeworm7 New commenter

    Hi thank you for the reply to be honest during the time I was doing my NVQ3 in childcare and diploma level 3 I was working full time. I knew that the course coordinator told us that the maths and english tests where equivalent to GCSE maths and English but I was glad to have passed them and received my qualifications. I don’t really pay much attention until later and when I did I was told it was needed for me to pass the courses. Later on tried to contact the agency but they no longer existed. Disappointed. For my degree I did it as I mature student again nearly same process did tests for both maths and english at the university to show my understanding and knowledge then proceeded to do the course. In all honesty I don’t know anymore I write to my university but I haven’t had a reply yet.

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