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PGCE Funding 2012/13 Concerns!

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by WorriedAlot, Feb 6, 2012.

  1. The funding for next year is absolutely atrocious!

    Postgraduate Secondary courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Modern Foreign Languages and Welsh receive £15,000 if you have a 1st, £10,000 if you have a 2:1 and £6,000 if you have a 2:2.

    IF however like me, you are applying for ICT, Design and Technology, English, Biology, History, Art and Design, RE and Geography you are only going to receive £3,000 if you have a 1st or nothing at all for a 2:1 or 2:2.

    I'm really struggling to see how I am going to go through with my PGCE come September when the most I can look forward to is £1,500 IF and only IF I elect to teach through the medium of Welsh!

    Compare the coming changes to the current cohort who receive £7,200 (in my case) I'm failing to see how I could manage financially to get through the year!!!
  2. inara14

    inara14 New commenter

    Wrong i think (i hope!)
    Link here: http://www.tda.gov.uk/get-into-teaching/funding/training-in-england/postgraduate-funding.aspx
  3. Hey there don't panick! This is wrong: If your applying to ICT, Design and tech, English, biology, History art design re or geography if you have a 2:1 you get a £5000 bursary not sure about the others as I was only interested in History. A university showed me the break down for this year

  4. Definitely not wrong!


    Should have noted that I am in Wales, oops!
  5. Hi, Im guessing your Welsh and planning on doing the PGCE in Wales. I know funding there is a bit different but I'll try and help as I understand it from the paperwork Ive been sent for mine. Am I right in thinking that you're local LEA / council will pay your tuition fees (Grumble from English person I have to take out loan of 9000 to cover the same course which is only 3000 quid if I were Welsh) so thats one less worry. Yes 1,500 isn't great but its better than nothing, can you not get a maintenace loan? Think top amount is 3500ish and depending on age a maintenance grant of up to 3000ish?
    Unfortunatley you're not alone I think a lot of people either welsh or english doing PGCE's are finding that theres no grants/bursarys for them and are going to have to savelike mad in the next few months and get a loan.
    Good luck and don't stress out too much over it :)
  6. There are still tutition fee loans and maintenance loans/grants available aren't there? Kinda accepted that having to go down this route to fund it is a given (get through the year and hope it pays off when I'm actually a teacher!) .... dismissed the media hype about hoiked up fees and no way of paying em because from what I've read the loans/grants are still available as normal? Am I right or do I have too much faith and should be running round like a headless chicken? :/ hope not.
    I'm probably worried less so than most if I've assumed right about loans and that 'cause it's the only situation where having a really low family income is advantageous. I got the full maintenance grant and a reduced maintenance loanwhen I went to uni (2007-2010) when the 3000 odd per years fees were introduced. Lived away from home on a TA 1 wage in Manchester the year after graduating so saved nothing towards studying again then and even living at home now in a new TA 2 role am managing to save very little towards it 'cause of other expenses (living at home and boyfriend/friends in another city doesn't actually save you too much money I found out).

    I know for Primary if you have a 2.1 they now offer a bursary if you specialise in a certain area (can't remember the exact reasons) but I have a 2.2 so sucks a bit.. good news for 2.1 and aboves who are on primary courses though!

    Just confirmed an offer from Anglia Ruskin on GTTR for primary pgce but no other information yet so have billions of finance related questions whizzing round in my head now I'm over the initial excitement of getting on!
  7. StarbabyCat

    StarbabyCat New commenter

    Yeah you get all the loans and grants as normal, don't worry. Sent off my form yesterday. Mine is quite generous because I have a dependent and live with my partner. The online application is far easier than when I applied through my local authority back in 2005 for my undergrad!

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