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PGCE from Distance???

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Calverlan, Jul 23, 2011.

  1. Calverlan

    Calverlan New commenter

    Hi all,
    I am writing on behalf of a friend of mine. She is a primary teacher, got a degree in english language teaching (she does not have a UK passport though) and was lucky after a couple years of teaching at a language school to be employed at an international school abroad. However, she does not hold a PGCE and her wage is quite low as an unqualified staff.
    Is there ANY possibility to complete a PGCE for primary from distance working in a British School abroad and come to the UK only for the actual assessments? She would not be able to afford a year out without income (and trainees get very little money we all know this).
    I look forward to any opinions and honest advice on this matter, thanks all!

  2. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    If she has a degree in teaching why would she need a PGCE?
  3. Calverlan

    Calverlan New commenter

    I dont know, but a degree in english language teaching is not apparently recognised as a full hardcore year training in a school and dealing with all sorts of situations. It's a way to differentiate staff I suppose. She has been teaching 2 years in a school but she is not recognised as a qualified teacher.
  4. i doubt this could happen as she would need monitoring in her setting. Dont think she can have a teaching degree either otherwise shed be qualified. Where did she do degree and what was it really called

  5. Calverlan

    Calverlan New commenter

    Hi thanks for your replies.
    She has a BA in English Language Teaching. It is a programme they offer in certain countries. She did it in Cyprus and its a 4 year course. She also attended a teachers training high school as a student. Is a PGCE the only way to be officially recognised? I did it for secondary a while ago, so dont know how it is now, but it's a shame that a really good teacher has to be denied 70% of the teacher's wage just bcz of no PGCE. So I guess there is no real claim for her to show that her qualifications are good enough to prove her background?

  6. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    This must be because the course she did is not recognised in the country she is in. (I assume she no longer lives in Cyprus?) Foreign teachers in Britain who have qualifications that are not recognised can request QTS and get monitored much as an NQT, but I think this is paid for by the school they are working in, perhaps she could find the equivalent for the country she is in?. A BA in English Langauge Teaching, would normally be a BEd English Lang Teaching in britainn and if gained in Britain would be recognised as having QTS and can be used to teach abroad with, PGCE is a way of being able to teach with a bog standard degree and is also reconised abroad, but is no better than a BEd in teaching.
  7. littlerussell

    littlerussell New commenter

    If she would consider a year in the UK at her current (unqualified) pay scale, she should look into the Graduate Teacher Programme. This is a school based training programme where she would work as a unqualified teacher with training & mentoring, and then receive qualified teachers status at the end of it.
    Googling PGCE international throws up a couple of possibilities at Nottingham and Sunderland, although not sure how these work and whether they would be recognised by UK schools.
    If she is planning on spending her whole career abroad, she may well be able to find a position as a qualified teacher without a PGCE as international schools can do what they like in terms of recruiting staff.
  8. invincible

    invincible New commenter

    You have to bear in mind that a distance PGCE does NOT confer Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) upon the person who passes it (i.e. does not make you a qualified teacher). If you check out places that offer distance PGCEs, like the international PGCE, it states that clearly. To get QTS with the PGCE, you have to be in the UK so you can be observed when teaching and measured up against the QTS standards.

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