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PGCE French uni of Leicester

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by loujm2012, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. loujm2012

    loujm2012 New commenter

    Hi...ive recently been accepted for my PGCE in french in uni of leicester for this sept 2012. im irish so will be moving over come sept. im just wondering if anyone had info regarding student accommodation there. im just beginning to look but haven't a notion where to start. would student campus be the best...because i prob wont get over to look im thinkin its a smart move but can anyone suggest a better hall.....or is it better to live in non campus as im thinking it would be cheaper.....
    any advice would be greatly appreciated and also does anyone know if there has been a facebook page set up for this year as i can find one for 2011 entries but not for 2012.

    also if anyone has any advise/knowlegde/experience on PGCE French - i would love to hear from you..........
  2. Hi,I did my PGCE French at Leicester a few years ago. Key question- do you have a car? This will massively affect how you feel about your course when you get started. Leicester is a great city but many of the placement schools are in the County and I know some people really struggled with awkward bus routes etc. If you don't have a car and will need to catch the bus then you need to talk to the Uni office asap to get a steer for where to live. I don't know much about the student accommodation but Leicester is a very spread out campus with lots of old buildings and I think the halls are a fair bus ride in. If you're not careful you could end up with 2 bus journeys-one into town to the bus station and then another to your placement school. All to arrive for briefing at 8.15 and then straight into lessons! (this happened to someone I knew on the course) It's something important to bear in mind. A lot of the students live in private rented around the Queens Road area, just off Stoneygate.
    I don't really do the PM thing but if you know how and want to contact me I'd be happy to talk about locations and the course itself. I still live and teach in Leicestershire so all positive...
    Good luck

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