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PGCE FE / PGCE Post Compulsory/ PGCE Business Education

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by teachered, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. Oh dear - evidenced, I presume, by the tens of thousands of young people failed by these 'excellent teachers' in schools who have their lives rebuilt by vocational 'much worse teachers' in colleges. What a numpty.
  2. My advice
    Forget pre-service training. With your background you are already well-placed to apply for a teaching job in a further education or sixth form college, particularly as you already have PTLLS. You will then be offered the opportunity to train as a teacher in-service with (at present, this may change in the future) very little personal contribution towards the cost. School regulations will be changed in the new year, recognising FE qualified teachers alongside their school colleagues - this is fact and no amount of whingeing (see above) and biterness towards vocational teachers (see above) can change this, thanks largely to the efforts of the much maligned IfL.
    The LSIS information service will be able to offer advice on providers of initial teacher training: 0300 303 1877
    Good luck
  3. To be fair a I don't think ska actually said school teachers were 'excellent' and that vocational teachers are 'much worse'. He/she was making an observation on the comparitive benefits of the two different systems of training and professional formation.
    And whilst tens of thousands of children are affectively 'failed' by schools, this, I think, is much more to do with the system than it is with the quality of school teaching. Not that the system of vocational teaching in colleges is beyond reproach either.
  4. Oh please:
    "From what I've witnessed in my own college too, those who come into
    teaching at FE via the PGCE (QTS) route are comprehensively much better

    For one to bemuch better the other must be much worse.
  5. If it is the system, why do some fail and some succeed?
  6. I said I would wait for the flaming to commence... :)
    It's just an observation... I would rather be taught Economics A-Level by somebody who has spent at least three years of their life studying it, to a far greater academic level, as opposed to someone who has simply "picked up" teaching the subject because they qualified to teach Law/Accounts/Business on the job... Watching teachers trying to deliver a subject they are clearly not comfortable with, or knowledgeable on, is cringeworthy and a travesty to the students as well.
    Sorry for hitting a nerve. I assume you must both be vocationally trained. You get me all wrong, why would I be bitter against vocationally-trained teachers, they are my colleagues and we're on the same team!? I was simply attempting to give my opinion... if all that happens is I get insulted outright for doing so, I'll keep them to myself in future.
    By the way, we are a Beacon Status, OFSTED Outstanding-across-the-board instition, so our results speak for themselves my friend.
  7. Thank you ShirtAndTie, I do appreciate that the world of FE is a vibrant and contrasting one. That's why I love it so.
    You certainly appear to be the best of both worlds and more than qualified to give a valid opinion. I lecture on A-Level courses which have a more academic emphasis on them, this is probably why I feel that Post-Grad CertEd is better suited to people coming to FE to teach... I completely overlooked the fact that we offer some very varied programmes on which the instructors NEED experience, in fact, it is irreplaceable.

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